7 Nov 2017News

Solita releases Agile Data services to accelerate data business for companies

Also aimed at the international market

Solita, a Finnish digital business consultancy and digital services company, has released the Agile Data™ solution, which will help companies accelerate their data business experiments and automate their cloud-based data warehouse solutions. The solution is easy to implement and meets the needs of companies for cultural change and tools, accelerating the development of data-based decision-making, new business and artificial intelligence solutions.

The smart use of data will revolutionise many industries. The successful companies will use data quickly and creatively in their decision-making and the development of customer-oriented services. Solita has developed the Agile Data™ solution for its customers who need to develop a new culture of data operations and utilise performance-enhancing tools and technologies. Solita’s Agile Data™ solution is a combination of development tools, architecture and Data Devops methods.

“We wish to offer companies a full suite of data utilisation services that covers the entire value chain of data business from strengthening a data-driven culture to automating data warehousing and building new services,” says Pasi Jalonen, director of Agile Data™ solutions at Solita.

“Companies are very eager to use data, but it is often difficult for them to get started. The Agile Data ™ solution offers a ready-made, quickly deployable service package to support data business experiments. Our modern cloud-based data warehousing solution adjusts to all business needs. At the same time, we aim to make work more meaningful for data professionals by automating routine tasks,” Jalonen goes on to say.

Exporting Finnish data expertise

The Solita Agile Data™ solution is based on the Agile Data Engine software and the Agile Data Delivery model. Solita also helps companies design their data business and services, offering the skills of experienced data warehouse, data science, AI and cloud service experts and service designers for the use of their customers. With this service offering, Solita is aiming also for the international market.

“The amount of data is not the point. The competitive advantage between businesses is determined by how quickly and innovatively the companies can analyse the data they have available and adjust their operations accordingly. The diversity and number of systems producing relevant data is constantly growing, and companies must develop their data management and utilisation comprehensively, not in silos,” says Jalonen.

The recent hot topic for the business world has been the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. A scalable service architecture, powerful technologies and cultural change are the key for AI applications as well.

“The AI solutions of companies are often one-offs with no long-term architecture behind them. We wish to help our customers combine speed and technological sustainability,” says Jalonen.

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Pasi Jalonen, Agile Data ™ solutions, Solita
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Pekka Ahola, Vice President, Analytics & Cloud, Solita
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