27 Aug 2018News

Solita opening offices in Turku and Lahti

The technology, strategy and design company Solita is opening offices in Turku and Lahti. The head of the Turku office is Mikael Ojala, while the Lahti office is being run by Terhi Jaakonsaari. The new offices will open immediately.

Solita’s offices in Turku and Lahti will open immediately. Managers have been appointed for the offices, and the premises are currently being confirmed. “We were contacted by talented candidates from Turku and Lahti even before we announced the opening of the offices. We are continuing on the path of quick, steady growth, so now is a good time to open the offices”, says Jari Niska, CEO of Solita. “I believe that our community, which consists of highly qualified experts, offers our employees in Turku and Lahti highly interesting job challenges, good development opportunities, and the possibility to balance work and family life.”

Among others, Solita has previously received the Employer of the Year award. Last year, Solita opened offices in Stockholm and Tallinn.

Mikael Ojala, head of Solita’s office in Turku

“Turku, a university city with a lot of IT and data experts, offers extremely skilled employees, strong research expertise and a positive spirit. Turku has seen a great boost in the IT sector, and many software development and data analytics professionals live in the area. Solita, in turn, can offer huge challenges and projects. For artificial intelligence and analytics experts, for example, we have an innovative, relaxed data community of more than 180 experts. We are investing a great deal of resources in developing our competences, and our customers including many pioneering Finnish and international companies, such as DNA and Amer Sports”, says Mikael Ojala, who was appointed the head of Solita’s office in Turku.

The head of Solita’s Lahti office is Terhi Jaakonsaari, who has been working for Solita from Lahti for almost five years. “As a Lahti resident, I am pleased to be able to expand the local office and offer experts travelling to Helsinki interesting daily job challenges through our own office. A relaxed, caring business culture fostered among our leading experts is characteristic of Solita, and I believe it will also inspire people in the Lahti region, which has a lot of software development expertise, for instance.”

Terhi Jaakonsaari, head of Solita’s office in Lahti

Recruitment for the Turku and Lahti offices will begin immediately. Solita continues to grow and is currently recruiting experts for software development, data, strategic consultation, service design, cloud technologies and integration, among others. Solita currently employs 700 experts in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Tallinn and Stockholm.

After 20 years of profitable business, Solita is continuing on the path of steady, strong growth, and has launched measures to establish itself globally. International capital investment fund Apax Digital became Solita’s principal shareholder in the spring in order to accelerate the internationalisation of the quickly growing company. In addition, more than 300 Solita employees own shares in the company.

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Solita Oy, Jari Niska, CEO, tel. +358 40 524 6400, [email protected]
Solita Oy, Mikael Ojala, head of Solita’s office in Turku, tel. +358 50 919 3535, [email protected]
Solita Oy, Terhi Jaakonsaari, head of Solita’s office in Lahti, tel + 358 44 339 8629, [email protected]

About Solita
Solita is a digital transformation company driven by data and human insight. We create culture, services and tech solutions that help us reinvent businesses and society for the better. Our services range from strategic consulting to service design, digital development, data, AI & analytics and managed cloud services. Established in 1996, Solita employs 700 digital business specialists in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Turku, Lahti, Stockholm and Tallinn.