9 Apr 2021News

Solita nominated for GrandOne 2021 finals in five categories

Grand One 2021

Solita customer cases have been nominated for the finals in Grand One competition in five categories: Best Online Service, Best Mobile Service, Best Use of Data, Best Service Design and Best User Experience. Grand One is Finland’s largest digital marketing communications competition.

Solita’s nominees for the Grand One finals included the following work: HSL.fi online service, accelerating smooth public transport, the Donate Speech project aiming at supporting the development of Finnish-speaking AI services, and Koronavilkku – Finland’s official mobile application to fight the Covid19 pandemic. On a global scale, the Koronavilkku mobile app is one of the world’s most downloaded Covid19 tracing applications relative to population: it has already been downloaded more than 2.5 million times.

Read more about Solita’s Grand One finalists below:

  • Best Online Service and Best Mobile Service: HSL.fi
  • Best Mobile Service and Best Data Usage: Donate speech
  • Best Mobile Service, Best Service Design, Best User Experience: Koronavilkku

In the Best Mobile Service category, three of the five finalists are Solita’s work.

“The Grand One nominations are a great recognition of our impactful projects and Solita’s diverse technology, data and design expertise. Successful and truly impressive digital services always start from understanding and listening to the needs of users,” commented Aleksi Issakainen, who heads Solita’s Design & Strategy unit in Finland. “Besides our teams, I want to thank our customers.We are proud to be building these genuinely impactful services together.”

The winners of the Grand One competition will be streamed on April 29th at 4 pm.

Solita congratulates all the finalists!


  • Aleksi Issakainen, Senior Vice President, Design & Strategy, Solita, tel. +358 40 653 1006, [email protected]
  • Minna Pinola, Communications Director, Solita, tel. +358 40 5166 024, [email protected]