27 Oct 2017News

Solita launches an artificial intelligence training programme for software developers

The digital business consulting company Solita has today launched a training programme on artificial intelligence (AI) for software developers. The aim is to find experienced software developers and architects who want to learn alongside their work how to use technologies and tools related to machine learning and artificial intelligence that will be needed in the future. Solita has been rewarded for its expertise in analytics and AI, for instance in the Grand One competition. The rapidly-growing company already employs hundreds of software developers, as well as data science and analytics experts. The specialists will be given the opportunity to be at the forefront of AI expertise in the future.

Over the course of the training programme, the developers participate in Solita’s service projects for private and public sector customers. In the future, the software developers will be involved in creating services that are based on intelligence shared by people and machines for Finnish and international companies, as well as countries.

The training programme, which is called Machine Learning Engineering, lasts 12 months, and the deadline for applications is at the end of November.

“In the era of data and artificial intelligence, the services of the future will be based on intelligence shared by people and machines. What is needed is humanity and understanding of causes, consequences and operating cultures, as well as top-class technological expertise, so that visions can be turned into functional, scalable and maintainable services,” says Solita’s Rauno Paukkeri who is in charge of the training programme. “Solita employees want to develop themselves continuously, and we appreciate an easy-going attitude, courage and passionate approach towards one’s work,” Paukkeri says of the ideal applicants to the programme.

Lectures, exercises and mentors

Studying is done during working hours, and the training programme includes hands-on lectures, exercises and common wrap-up sessions. There are also mentors representing a community of 650 specialists who work in software development, analytics, integration, coaching, operation, service design and design.

During the programme, the participants will have a permanent position in Solita where they work in customers’ project teams. Subjects covered in the training include, for instance, analysis tools and how to choose them, machine learning algorithms, data visualisation from the point of view of data science, architecture of data solutions, data integration, cloud-based tools in data solutions, distributed computing, recommendation systems, text mining and symbolic computation.

After studying for a year, people participating in the training programme will be ready to work in projects where future AI applications are built to make people’s lives better. The most commonly used data tools are machine learning and AI algorithms, data processing and visualisation, as well as data architecture and tools.

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Solita is a digital business consulting company. We are our customers’ guides in a changing world. Solita produces digital solutions and online services for digital business and services as well as business intelligence. The net sales of the company established in 1996 amounted to EUR 58.5 million in 2016. After the Palmu merger, Solita employs over 640 digital business specialists in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Singapore and Stockholm.