We harness human insight and intelligent technologies to impact many lives

Solita works on every step of people’s lives for health and well-being. Together with our customers, we design and build services with human insight and intelligent technology: helping individuals, health care professionals and the whole society to create better everyday life, promoting equality, transparency and co-operation.

Our health and well-being focused Solita Health helps you to create new services from strategy, design and customer insight to large implementations and continuous development. With over 100 experts, we support change management, taking new ways of working into use and utilising modern technology by using data effectively, safely and ethically in the regulated health care sector.

Our services


    • Real-time overview of the ward
    • Management of the patient flow and bed capacity, shift scheduling, workload and personnel well-being

    Facilitating the daily life of modern nursing. Read more


    • Based on the clinical data of over 40,000 operations and machine learning
    • The first certified medical device regulated software for assessing risks of joint replacement surgery

    Making the best decision based on high-quality data. Read more


    • Combines appointments and services
    • Benefits citizens, healthcare professionals and service providers

    Easy scheduling for different hospital and healthcare information systems (HIS).


    • Social and healthcare services available online 24/7
    • Assessment of symptoms and individual recommendations based on scientific data and nationally defined criteria

    Best health care based on the most recent scientific evidence.


    Supports the relationship of the patient and healthcare professional between the sessions
    New service to improve therapy and rehabilitation – always available on your mobile phone

People of Solita Health

  • Sanna  Virkkunen Senior Consultant, Health & Wellbeing

    Hi! I’m Sanna Virkkunen from Oulu, Finland. I work in multiple roles and I just love it!

    I’m leading Solita Health sales here in Northern Finland, I’m also account director for some our wonderful customers and I get to manage the business of our Palveluohjain – the national scheduling solution for social and healthcare. 

    What’s your biggest passion(s)? 

    I’m extremely passionate about creating and cultivating good life – mine and others around me. One way of doing that is teaching Nia – a holistic fitness program that combines dance, martial arts and healing arts.

    I love to see people around me growing, evolving and becoming better versions of themselves. I have a holistic view about wellbeing and I feel honoured to get to see people developing themselves in different areas of life – and to be a little part of it.

    Did I mention running!? I love running fast! That’s something I’ve been training as competitively for a couple of years now.  

    What are you working on? Which team? 

    I’m working with our strategic accounts and I’m also part of our public pre-sales team. I get to see public organisation’s procurement processes close by. I also get my hands dirty with creating offers for our customers.

    What do you love about your job? How long have you worked at Solita?

    I’ve been working at Solita for over a year now and not a day has been the same. I love the variety of my work and the cases I can deep dive in.

    What I love is the people I get to work with. Our people are so talented and multi-skilled –  I get to learn new things and new aspects every day from my colleagues! Even though we work in so many different areas we still have so much in common. It’s been comforting for me to realise that the technology and the new innovation process remain the same despite jumping from one sector to another.

    Here I feel everyone is taken care of and we have many opportunities to grow and develop ourselves. 

    How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you? 

    Solita Health was the thing that lured me to Solita. I had been working at Oulu University Hospital in different engineering roles with healthcare digitalisation and information management for 16 years. I had hoped to find myself a job where I could combine my technology and leadership skills, my everlasting curiosity of learning new things and my holistic view of wellbeing. When I found out Solita Health was born, I wanted to be part of it. 

    What inspired me the most was the fact Solita Health is working on all levels of wellbeing – from healthcare to olympic sports and everything in between! For me wellbeing is not just lack of sickness – it’s more about building balance with all aspects of everyday life. That is an everlasting area to develop and Solita is good at it!

    What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

    The first 6 months I was just amazed by our company’s management and leadership. It is open, respectful and agile in ways I hadn’t experienced before. Modern technology and modern ways of working indeed have their impact on us! 

    I have also learned that to create a modern, easy to use health solution you need all the puzzle pieces we have at place in Solita: Customer insight designers, the development wizards, the data and AI unicorns and integration superheroes. If you don’t fill in all these pieces you’ll end up with a solution that’s lacking either modern predictive features and analytics or no one wishes to use it due to poor user experience. The competence we have here is a prerequisite for quality and it gives us a competitive advantage.

    And did I mention ISO13485?? How to develop medical software with agile methods?! We have created RegOps here! 

    What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far? 

    The most impactful thing at Solita has been seeing how omaolo.fi changed the way Covid-19 affected our country’s healthcare system. I think this is the beginning of a new era: We can use technology to help people in their homes and at the same time we are collecting and cultivating the data to give our leaders high-quality analytics in real time.   

    For me almost everyday is impactful – it’s hard to mention just one experience. Maybe it’s the deep conversation with our customer, or the laughter and the creativity amongst our colleagues. At home I can use a website in awe – realising we’ve made this. 

  • Ari  Ruotsalainen Software Architect & People Lead

    Utilising software development skills as an asset for the Health sector

    My name is Ari Ruotsalainen and I work as a People Lead at Solita. Besides the leadership work for twenty software development professionals, I like coding. That’s why I participate in various projects as a developer or in architect roles.

    I have been working on the Omaolo.fi project from the beginning, for about three and half years as a Software Architect together with great colleagues and partners.

    What’s your biggest passion(s)? 

    Passion is quite a big word but if I had to name something – in public – I would say following the NHL team Detroit Red Wings is my passion! And fishing! 

    What do you love about your job? How long have you worked at Solita?

    I like to create something that has value for the customer and users. I like to solve technical challenges and build robust solutions that I can be proud of. Working with more skilled people than yourself is rewarding – thus, I have been working at Solita for 19 years.

    How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you? 

    I have been working in various domains and different types of projects in Solita. For me working in the Health domain is not so different from any other domain but when you are doing something, which might provide a lot of value for the end users and in the best case for the whole of Finland it is very rewarding.

    What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

    My prejudice working on Health projects was that the Finnish health sector lives in the past and are exploited by some big vendors. There are all kinds of bureaucracy, which slows down the progress. And my prejudice was right – but I have learned that there actually is some will to change and improve things. Digitalisation is inevitable and it is nice to see that the end user experience is taken more seriously – services are designed more for the taxpayers.

    What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far? 

    I think the most impactful experience is actually from the recent COVID-19 crisis. Our team was able to implement the Coronavirus symptom check-up to omaolo.fi in a few days, and thus help Finland battle against the virus. I think that is something quite impactful and I’m happy to have been part of it!


  • Kari  Antila Data Scientist

    An engineer by nature and a physicist by heart navigating the Health sector

    I’m Kari, a scientist in my forties, born in Ostrobotnia, currently living and working in Tampere. My background is engineering and physics, and perhaps I could say that I’m an engineer by nature and a physicist by heart. Most of my professional career I’ve worked with medical images and other signals and done quite a bit of project preparation management and delivery as well. My role is to work as a data analysis expert for various customers that operate with data related to health. My title is Data Scientist.

    What’s your biggest passion(s)? 

    I enjoy diving deep into problems that have real world applications and potential to make a lasting effect. I’m a bit of a tinkerer, so coming up with practical and clever solutions to the problems at hand brings me great joy. It has been said, that the world is drowning in data but ever starving for knowledge. Refining that data to a usable form is something of a passion and in my opinion a solid career path as well. Off work I like to do road cycling, alpine skiing, bass playing and I’m a part time farmer, too.

    What are you working on? Which team? 

    I’m working to develop an analytics platform for omaolo.fi. It is a service for effective online self-care and with an option to get directed to the right entry point in professional healthcare when needed for the Finnish citizens. In a broader perspective I work as member of the Solita Data Science team.

    What do you love about your job? How long have you worked at Solita?

    I love the brevity of work and customers we have. I’m also a bit of a geek, so I greatly appreciate the possibility of keeping up with and utilizing the latest in technology. For me this is important both professionally and personally. Also the allocation of time for personal development aside customer work is a big motivation. I joined Solita March 2020, so I’m a fairly new recruit.

    How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you?

    Most of my professional background is from health, so I was recruited to work on these topics specifically. I’m inspired by the potential of making on impact in form of better health. In Finland we have massive registers of professional and personal health data that have potential far beyond their current usage. Solita really is a hotspot for utilizing these resources.

    What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shown that the customer needs can change rapidly, and the speed and nature of the questions asked of the data evolve fast. It is very important to add flexibility to processes and infrastructure of handling, enriching and refining the data so that the service is ready for even unseen needs

    What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far?

    I have been part of team that has collected, refined and delivered data to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (Terveyden ja Hyvinvoinnin Laitos, THL) to be included as a part of the models for the progression of the Corona-virus pandemic. We were able to deliver the data starting within hours after the greenlight from the bodies governing the data.

  • Janne  Kaartinen Solutions Architect

    My name is Janne Kaartinen and I am working as a Solutions Architect, mainly for Solita’s Health project. My role involves a lot of pre-sales work. 

    What’s your biggest passion(s)? 

    The usual I guess, my family and friends are my top priorities, but I’m always trying to keep an open mind and take possible challenges at work or personal life as opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Funny enough, one of my personal passions is practicing Yoga, which is all about burning away your personal passions and trying to see life and universe as it really is in it’s true essence. 🙂

    What are you working on? Which team? 

    Currently I’ve been working on online services that form a significant part of Finland’s national health IT architecture, the Omaolo symptom check-up service and Palveluohjain, the national self-service for reserving medical appointments. I’m also currently involved in projects with HL7 Finland, which is an association that promotes digitalisation and interoperability in the health care domain.

    What do you love about your job? How long have you worked at Solita?

    I consider myself a generalist and a team player balancing my time and interests between business, technology and people. I love the fact that I utilise my varied skill set every day and when I need to I can always find a Solitan more knowledgeable than me to help me with specific problems. I have worked at Solita for 16 years, when I joined we were a group of 60 IT professionals and our Helsinki office was a 2 table room in an office hotel 🙂 It’s amazing how little the company culture and values have changed during the years.

    How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you? 

    By accident, really. I have worked intensively in public sector projects and when Palveluohjain was starting as a national development program the project needed an Integration Architect, I raised my hand. I think working in the health care domain is inherently inspiring because of the straight impact our digitalisation efforts have on people’s lives and wellbeing.  

  • Pinja  Krook Service Designer

    Combining my passions to do my dream job

    I’m a Service Designer specialised in health and well-being. Although I’m now in my dream job, I actually had a hard time figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. First I studied computer science and social work, then occupational therapy and design. I worked a few years in Finland’s biggest health care districts before combining all my interests as a Service Designer. I joined Solita in the Autumn of 2018.

    I’m passionate about designing services that support universal well-being and make the lives of the health service customers and employees easier. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is, it is more about making an impact and seeing people be more happy and healthy. I love learning something new all the time, and in the Health sector I know I won’t run out of learning experiences. For example, I know quite a lot about genomes these days.

    Balancing life and work

    I’ve had some really interesting projects so far like Omaolo and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland’s (FIM) sandbox for researchers full of genome data (public reference). I’ve done projects all over the health sector from pharma to health care districts and national agencies.

    Currently, I’m on family leave but will return to work in August – and I can’t wait! Even though I’m not in any project at the moment, I’ve been participating in our weekly music quiz and stalking a few of my favourite projects in Slack to see what I’m missing out on. I also have a family leave mentorm who keeps me updated on what’s going on at Solita at the moment. 

    With great people it is actually possible to make a change and improve many lives 

    I think the health sector is full of passionate professionals, so I’ve met so many spectacular people on the way. Many of my customers and team members have turned into friends – working with talented people is always inspiring. With great people it is actually possible to make a change and improve lives. 

    I loved working as an occupational therapist and meeting patients every day but I got frustrated with not being able to help more people. Now I still get to meet people and listen to their stories but I can help them in a larger scale. 

    What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far? 

    I helped to organise our internal Solita Health Day last year, where dozens of Solitans gathered together to learn about: our interesting health projects, new health data legislation, and to solve societal health and well-being issues together. It was mind blowing to see what kind of concepts teams created in only a few hours. It really showed how we can make an impact combining people from different competence backgrounds: design and strategy, data, development and cloud and connectivity.

    How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you? 

    I actually think I wouldn’t have figured out my passion for the health sector, if my family member hadn’t fallen ill. After following her journey in the healthcare system and trying to find a cure for her disease, I found my mission. Suddenly my old job as an IT professional started to feel meaningless and I wanted to become a healthcare professional.

    What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

    I have also been designing health services before joining Solita but I feel that here I’ve reached a new level as a professional. We have so many interesting health projects that I think we really cover the whole sector. That’s why Solita has a really important role in helping our customers to connect with each other – we actually do that quite a lot and that’s how we can make an even bigger impact.

  • Timo  Mäntyvaara Full Stack Developer

    My name is Timo Mäntyvaara. I am a full stack developer.
    My biggest passion is scouting. I’ve been an active scout for almost thirty years. Outside scouting, video games, comics and movies consume most of my time.

    My team is Palveluohjain or Service Controller in English. It is a service for managing appointments for social and health care services. Most of us in Team Palveluohjain are from Oulu. I might be a somewhat atypical Solitan developer in some sense, because I have been working in the same project for my entire time at Solita. I have worked at Solita for 3½ years. One of the best things about working at Solita is the trust and freedom employees are given here. And the fact that we mostly work in our own offices with our own teams. That was actually also one of the main reasons I chose to apply to Solita.

    How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you? 

    My background was already in special health care systems, so I guess it was a natural transition for me. My main inspiration is the impact digitalisation makes. Operators in health care, especially in the public sector, have traditionally been somewhat reluctant to give control to customers. Palveluohjain enables people to have some agency in managing their own appointments.

    What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

    There is a huge difference how organisations handle commissioning and deploying systems. Some organisations are ready and willing to experiment, others are more careful and like to make sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We can make a difference by helping the more rigid organisations see the benefits of a more agile approach.

    What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far? 

    One kick-off in Helsinki comes to mind. We had recently acquired Palmu (now our Design & Strategy unit) and held a kick-off event to start the spring together. The whole Helsinki office was full of old and new Solitans. There was a sauna trailer outside and street food, beverages and games inside. The weather was nice, everybody was in a good mood and having a good time.

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