We are building health and well-being for all

Solita acts as an intermediary between the public, private and third sector of the health and well-being industry.

We use human insight and smart technology to serve the society and well-being. We help our customers develop services with everything from strategies, service design and architecture to extensive system implementations, integrations, and the use of data and artificial intelligence.

Health and well-being services are becoming increasingly digital. Artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud services and open interfaces offer almost limitless opportunities for improving services and operations. However, smart services take more than just technical innovation – every technological transition requires at least as much work to change people’s behaviour.

Our aim is to increase the well-being and vitality of all people together with the public, private and third sector, promoting equality, transparency and cooperation. In the future, services will be produced and purchased more flexibly in different ecosystems. We have joined organisations like Coxa and Amer Sports, as well as the national ODA and AVPH projects in Finland, to create new health and well-being services. With Coxa, we have developed a revolutionary AI based risk assesment tool Oravizio for joint replacement surgery.

Our specialised health and well-being unit Solita Health helps you to design and implement user-driven services from the first ideas and customer insight to continuous development. We provide support for change management and the implementation of new operating models.

Reliable and caring operators will be needed to realise cooperation and interaction in the health and well-being industry

Smart services take more than technical innovation.

  • 1

    Services start with people – leave the routine to the machines

  • 2

    No more vendor locks – go for open source solutions

  • 3

    We are the subjects of decision-making – open and transparent algorithms are the future

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    People own their data – personal access to data is important for keeping trust

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