27 Oct 2016News

Solita delivers a mobile platform for reliable monitoring of work on the railway to the Finnish Transport Agency

Meant for railway contractors, the new service improves railway traffic safety

Solita, a digital business consulting and services company, has been selected as the supplier of the Finnish Transport Agency’s new mobile railway contractor platform. The mobile service will provide accurate and up-to-date information on work on the railway to traffic control and other stakeholders. The signed agreement further solidifies Solita’s position as a supplier of key railway traffic systems.

Solita will deliver the new mobile railway contractor platform (RUMA) to the Finnish Transport Agency. With the service, railway contractors will be able to add and supplement information on work on the railway in a flexible manner, even while working. A key goal of the service is improved railway traffic safety. In the future, the latest information on the location of people and machinery working on the railway and their working hours will be available, which will reduce the risk of accidents.

The project will digitalise all operative information on the railway, such as railway work permits and railway work notices. Information can be collected directly from the field and all the data can be used in real time on a single mobile platform. There will be around 3,000 service users. The mobile platform will be comprehensively integrated into the railway traffic control systems. There will also be an interface for the contractors’ own maintenance systems. In addition to the delivery of the mobile platform, the agreement covers its maintenance until 2028.

“Development of the mobile platform for railway contractors is a natural extension of Solita’s already strong role in the development of the Finnish Transport Agency’s railway traffic systems and a good example of how digitalisation can streamline operations, enable new operating methods and assist in improving traffic safety. The new service will complement the already existing traffic systems,” says Mikko Varjos from Solita.

Solita has extensive and comprehensive experience in traffic control, planning and management solutions, for railway traffic in particular. Examples include key traffic control and planning systems, information management, analytics, information pools and registers. For instance, Solita has realised an extensive rail capacity management system, LIIKE,  and a driver guidance system for drivers in locomotives.

Further information:
Solita Oy, Business Manager Mikko Varjos, mikko.varjos(at)solita.fi, tel. +358 50 3865 218

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