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Data-driven industrial internet of things – value for your business

Digitalisation enables companies to benefit from data in ways that were not possible before. You can create new value for your customers and your business. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions collect data from industrial equipment on your factory floor, breaking down traditional product development barriers. Solita and AWS provide you an easy and effective kickstart to data-driven IIoT and connected factory. 

Speeding up the deployment of connected solution ​

Our IIOT predictive maintenance data kickstart is an easy way to start a journey to connected factory floor. AWS SiteWise makes it easy to collect, store, organise and monitor data from industrial equipment. The pre-baked architecture and pattern will speed up the collection, integration and modeling of data for future machine learning use cases. Our team will work with you on industry standard supported protocols such as OPC-UA and ModBus. Scaleable data API and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) are ready in 4 weeks time to be scaled easily from one asset to many.​

Factory floor data is useless until it’s connected​

  • Data is often locked into proprietary on-premise data stores and typically requires specialised expertise to retrieve and create insights.
  • Immature processes and disconnected solutions make organisations unable to scale digitalisation
  • Complex customer and product lifecycle will easily lead to unclear customer value and total cost of ownership (TCO)​.
  • IT systems optimise business processes, Operational Technology (OT) systems monitor events, processes and devices.

To get value from the data, you need to combine these two different worlds.

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Solita is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with machine learning and data & analytics consulting competencies

AWS provides versatile services from data warehouse to machine learning and applications, enabling scalable, cost-effective and modern services and new digital business. Solita AWS certified professionals provide unique skills in the Nordics on developing complete services on the AWS infrastructure for connected factory floor solution.

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