15 Jun 2022News

Solita appoints Auli Peltola to leadership team

Solita expands its modern lifecycle services

The technology, data, and design company Solita has appointed Auli Peltola to its leadership team. In her new position, Auli Peltola will be in charge of expanding the overall product and service range and the further development of lifecycle services.

Auli Peltola has previously worked as the CEO of the technology company Neomore Consulting and in various managerial positions at Tietoevry. She has also worked in consulting and managerial positions at Atos IT Solutions and Services, and Siemens.

“Our goal is to walk hand-in-hand with our customers from the first idea to productive everyday of customer-centric services, well-working systems, and data-driven business, all the way to continuous development. It’s a pleasure to have Auli on board in the development of our service models,” said Ossi Lindroos, CEO of Solita.

“Conventional outsourcing models are insufficient for companies’ data-driven systems. We want to provide new lifecycle services for the needs of digital business, combining agile partnerships close to customers with automation and scaled, cost-effective delivery capabilities.”

“Solita has expanded to a size category, in which we can serve our customers more broadly in comprehensive digital deliveries and data system modernisation projects, including lifecycle services. I am excited to be able to further develop and expand these services and challenge the industry through modern and fair ways of working,” said Auli Peltola. “Solita’s broad technological expertise and humane working culture offer an excellent and inspiring starting point not only for these activities, but also personally.”

Overseeing many business-critical services

Employing over 1,500 people in six countries, Solita’s service offering covers consulting, service design, software development, AI and analytics solutions, integration, and cloud services. The company also has an extensive international network of partners.

Solita has helped Fintraffic Road to gain a real-time national overview for more effective traffic management, and Skandia to design and build the data foundation to enable the regulatory reporting process to be more efficient, more secure and more traceable. The company is also, for example, empowering Ponsse to develop new, data-driven services, and has created the award-winning My Purchases service for S Group, helping them make their customer-owners the world’s smartest consumers with more transparent data on their buying behaviour.

“Having well-working information systems and data-driven operations have become ever more critical for companies and society. We need people-centric services that address the principles of sustainable development and effectively use the constantly developing opportunities of cloud services and data platforms. Various apps interconnect services and link them to ecosystems like lego bricks, while lifecycle services and agile development (DevOps, DataOps, APIOps) ensure that value is produced for customers all the time, not only during the launch,” described Auli Peltola.

Further information:

Auli Peltola, Solita, Chief Business Officer, Emerging Offering,
tel. +358 50 349 8418, [email protected]

Ossi Lindroos, Solita, CEO,
tel. +358 40 750 7637, [email protected]