7 Apr 2017News

Solita and DNA winners in Grand One contest

The Ultimate Data Platform service, implemented by Solita for DNA and utilizing artificial intelligence, has won the Best Use of Data category in the Grand One 2017 contest. The funding application service successfully reformed by Solita and Tekes also did well in the final and received an honorary award in the Best B2B Service category.

Grand One is Finland’s biggest contest for digital media works. This year, 257 works participated in Grand One. Of Solita’s customers, the data platform utilising artificial intelligence that we implemented with DNA and the funding application service reform that we implemented with Tekes both made the final and received awards. The Grand One winners were announced in the prize gala held in Helsinki on 6 April.

Palmu, which merged with Solita last week, and KSF Media also received honorary awards in the UX Design category for the finalised idea and user experience of the Faktapp learning application.

Solita is now celebrating its third Grand One victory in successive years. The Golli service, designed and implemented by Solita for GS1 Finland for the digitalisation of retail trade, was voted the Best B2B Service in last year’s Grand One contest, where Solita’s work also received honorary awards in the Most Innovative Digital Service and Best B2B Service categories.

DNA – The Ultimate Data Platform utilizing artificial intelligence

Winner of the Best Use of Data category

The Ultimate Data Platform is an analytics solution provided by DNA that makes use of artificial intelligence and serves the customer and the development of the customer experience. It enables a genuinely consistent and personalized customer experience in all channels. It also provides DNA with business tools for better management, from network design to marketing and customer service. Among other things, the Ultimate Data Platform enables operational marketing measures up to 300 times faster than before.

The Grand One Jury: “When the use of data is the criteria, the work is outstanding in its category. A progressive work genuinely visible in business.”

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Tekes – A smoothly running applications service frees up 15,000 hours of work

Honorary award in the Best B2B Online Service category

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, serves thousands of Finnish companies, universities and research institutes each year. Tekes supports research, development and innovation work in Finland and contributes significantly to the growth of the national economy. Every year, Tekes processes approximately 10,000 fudning applications, and the associated services are totally electronic. We reformed the funding application service with Tekes. The reform was implemented with the users’ terms. Doing business became easy, unambiguous and transparent, and the new service saves time and work for both the customer and Tekes: Funding applications now take 40% less time to complete, and customer satisfaction is at 97%. In addition, the service has freed up 15,000 hours for other work.

The Grand One Jury: “The service creates a new and uncomplicated standard for a sector that is typified by bureaucracy and ambiguity. The thinking behind the design of the service brings significant savings to both the customer and the service provider, which could have a major social impact.”

Thanks to our customers and congratulations to the winners!

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