9 Nov 2016News

Solita and 4C Strategies enter strategic partnership

Solita, a digital business consulting and services company, and 4C Strategies, the world’s premier readiness solution provider, have signed a strategic partnership agreement. Solita now provides its’ customers risk and compliance management solutions that have a growing demand on the Finnish market.

The partnership agreement will provide Solita with the opportunity to market and sell 4C Strategies’ Exonaut™ software suite in Finland. In addition to Solita’s own experts, 4C Strategies’ consultants will also work on the ground in Finland supporting Finnish organisations with the development of their readiness capabilities.

Exonaut™ delivers a single toolkit to manage the enterprise-wide development and validation of both compliance with strategic, operational and regulatory requirements and of the capabilities required to ensure strategic and operational readiness. Its real-time tracking system delivers ‘live’ dashboard reports to senior management on performance, compliance status and risks across the organization.

Global operations increase demand for risk management

“Exonaut™ delivers cohesion, alignment and transparency in the government, enterprise and military sectors, developing operational readiness and ensuring continued organizational success. That is why there is significant interest in Exonaut™ in Finland. We are already in discussions with several organisations about the opportunities Exonaut™ can deliver for them”, says Lauri Helenius, Business Director, Solita. “4C Strategies supports organisations around the world to create a safer society and their solutions will be important additions to our existing customer offering. Our partnership will enable us to support our existing customers even further and at the same time expand the company into new solution areas.”

Solita creates digital business and services to leading Finnish companies and public sector organisations, providing services from digital strategies and service design to implementation, integration, analytics and continuous services.

Increased national security co-operation

“Solita’s immense experience within the Finnish digital market, as well as their innovative approach, makes them the perfect partner. This partnership will not only be an important bridge for Swedish-Finnish industry cooperation, but also for increased national security cooperation”, says Martin Rusner, Business Development Manager, 4C Strategies.

For more information:
Solita Oy, Lauri Helenius, Director, [email protected], tel. +358 40 5294354

About Solita
Solita is a digital business consulting and services company, guiding companies in the digitalizing world. We help you succeed and create new businesses and services by combining business processes, content and technology in a revolutionary way. Solita is a highly respected and experienced partner in the Finnish public sector IT projects. Over the last ten years, Solita has worked with most Finnish ministries creating e-services, operating systems, registries, case management and business management systems. In addition to the public sector, Solita’s clients include many of the Finnish TOP 200 companies, such as media group Sanoma and teleoperator DNA. Founded in 1996, Solita is a rapidly growing company with profitable annual growth of more than 20 per cent. The company’s turnover in 2015 was 49.7 million euros. Solita employs almost 500 digital business experts in Helsinki, Tampere, and Oulu.

About 4C Strategies
4C Strategies are recognised as one of the world’s most innovative providers of readiness management solutions. Our customised solutions leverage the best of our expertise and innovation to support clients in achieving end-to-end Readiness through the development of robust and effective Risk Management, Business Continuity and Incident & Crisis Management capabilities. www.4cstrategies.com