Set your data free

Start your journey towards a more data-driven business by downloading our extensive guide.


Data is useless until you know how to bring it to life

  • Build new, innovative services?
  • Know your customers better?
  • Develop your ability to react faster, even predicting changes in ahead of time?
  • Advance your business to the next level?

Making an impact comes back to data.

Bring your data to life, advancing it into an asset you and your business can rely achievements and successes on. We walk with you throughout your data journey, creating value on every step of the way. Learn how Solita can help you.

More than technology

The challenge in evolving data into value-driven impact and benefits for your operation has more to do than technology alone. It is a mindset that comes with a needed change in culture and in business.

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    Start your journey towards a more data-driven business by downloading our extensive guide and a 9-piece puzzle we put together based on our experiences in working with hundreds of leading companies.

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    The puzzle helps you to get started, bringing together all cornerstones of a data-driven culture.

    • Vision and objectives that drive towards a common goal
    • Enabling technology
    • Envisioning data as a business asset
    • Organisation supporting change

Case Ponsse: A new era of intelligence in sustainable forestry

Watch how Ponsse, a leading manufacturer of forest machines, is moving towards a new era of intelligence in sustainable forestry – fueled by data.

Read more about case Ponsse


Let’s get started – how can we help?

Solita is a community of highly and widely skilled experts geared for impact and customer value. Our unique service portfolio seamlessly combines expertise from strategic consulting to service design, software development, AI & analytics, cloud and integration services. We are a fast growing company of over 1,100 experts across Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium and Germany. Read more about our services. 

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