Public sector online services

The march of digitalisation is making paper obsolete. As modernisation continues, the processes of the public sector are becoming fully digital. Paper forms and queues in offices were the norm in the past. Today they are replaced by electronic services. Matters are handled, circulated and supplemented digitally. Communication between the customer and the authorities takes place in electronic channels. Everything is digital – from communicating decisions to storing the final documents and citizens' initiatives.

Solita public sector online services

We have developed a modern solution for the public sector’s electronic services and document management. Our electronic dashboard gives you a clear view of the different areas of electronic services.

  • Online services

    Online services that guide the user. Seamlessly together with case management provides high-quality information to be used in case processing, archiving and workflows.

    • Simple service – less frustration over endless forms.
    • Guided service – helps find the correct information.
    • Integration makes it possible to enter the correct information in a structured format.
    • Responsive and modern solution with a device-independent user interface.
  • Electronic dashboards

    Clear picture of daily tasks supports workflow and improves effectiveness.

    • A simple and effective dashboard solution that can be tailored to the organisation’s needs.
    • Workflows make for faster processing.
    • Document templates enhance working as less manual labour is required.
    • Registries can be integrated directly into the dashboard – minimises errors.
  • Document and case management

    Effective services require high-quality document and case management.

    • The solution can handle the online service processes of citizens as well as the internal case management of the organisation.
    • Electronic archive design.
    • A control database that forms the electronic material data channelling plan.
  • Electronic archive

    Electronic archive reduces paper and manual work.

    • The customer’s material will be available in an archivable format.
    • The material can be easily utilised when processing cases.
    • The material will remain readily available for both the authorities and customers.

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