5 Nov 2021Podcast

S1E5: How to make an established organisation data-driven with Debbie Reynolds

In this episode, Lasse and Antti talk with Debbie Reynolds, VP of Analytic Tools and Platforms at Pfizer.

The discussion focuses on how to make an old and established organisation data-driven. Debbie describes how intraorganisational data exchange and connectivity was a key enabler in the extraordinary supply chain operations for the Covid vaccine, and she talks about her views and experiences of how to drive change within a large organization and how data becomes an enabler as opposed to a tool for power.

In the end, whatever you want to call it, being data-driven is largely about enabling data and people to connect.

Debbie Reynolds Pfizer

Debbie Reynolds, Vice President of Analytic Tools and Platforms at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in New York.

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