Modern software development

The need for customer-specific software development still exists. Modern custom development meets your specific requirements to produce the best possible result. Whether you are modernising complex business systems, creating backend solutions for new services or doing quick experiments, we will help you through every step of the development process, making sure that the benefits materialise quickly for your business.

Modern software development is secure, flexible and rapid. It is based on designing good architecture and choosing the right technologies. Modern implementation methodologies keep development costs low and enable quick value generation. Custom software development and an implementation designed specifically for your organisation’s needs provide complete flexibility and adaptability. We help you throughout the software’s life cycle from design to implementation, deployment, operation and continuous development.


    Although technology has little intrinsic value, to make changes real, sleeves have to be rolled eventually. We work with you to design and implement a reliable, high-quality upgrade for your system.

    • Customer-specific ERP solutions
    • Comprehensive service solutions
    • Critical registers
    • Infrastructure management systems

    The true value of a digital service is created by continuous measurement and development. We develop your service together with you, using a continuous service design and an agile development process.

    • Continuous development of the customer experience
    • Optimisation of digital sales
    • New service concept development and experiments

    Information security is critical in development. Our secure development methods meet all the requirements of your operational environment, up to and including high-sensitivity solutions implemented in air-gapped environments.

    • SDLC processes
    • Continuous integration and automated testing
    • Continuous threat analysis included in the development cycle
    • Hardened processes and environments as per the threat model

    We are well-versed in strictly regulated environments. In particular, we are ISO 13485 certified for medical device software development. We combine industry regulations with agile development and modern methods.

    • RegOps regulation with agile methods
    • Secure software development in a regulated environment

    A native mobile application is often necessary to guarantee the best user experience. We design and create apps that are a precision fit for your needs – as a service, if you prefer.

    • Android development
    • iOS development
    • App and publishing process maintenance
    • Implementation, testing and publishing

    Sudden changes in the operating environment necessitate the rapid development of new services and applications. Our low code solutions such as OutSystems enable rapid development by automating a large part of the implementation and deployment work.

    • Customer interface service components
    • Internal business tools
    • Legacy system user interface layer upgrades

Cloud service opportunities

We help you build your new services on the cloud platform of your choice – whether Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform. We will ensure that you can fully leverage the possibilities of the platform and gain the business value you seek. Our certified professionals will help you build and migrate cloud services, develop cloud native architectures and software and manage cloud environments efficiently and effectively.

Gain more value from data

The importance of data in service development only continues to increase. We help you extract more value from your investments, including developing your data capabilities and data platforms, by using them to design and build genuinely data-driven services. Our extensive data, analytics and artificial intelligence expertise combined with human understanding, service design and modern software development guarantee a successful result.

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