5 May 2017News

Lupapiste becomes part of Solita’s Evolta company

Solita continues to grow strongly, and is streamlining its corporate structure. Lupapiste business operations, which focus on electronic building permit application process for local goverments, will from now on be handled by Evolta Oy, which is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Solita. Jani Muhonen, who is already responsible for running Lupapiste, will continue as CEO of Evolta.

Solita has centralised the Lupapiste business operations, which handle electronic building permit application process for local governments, and the personnel responsible for these operations in a new company, Evolta Oy. The service will be run from now on by Evolta, but it will keep the Lupapiste name.

“We believe that there is also demand for Finnish e-permit expertise abroad, and with these changes in corporate structure we are working to ensure controlled growth as our internationalisation continues,” says Solita’s CEO Jari Niska. “The transfer of the Lupapiste operations to its own company also strengthens the transparency and openness to oversight of our business operations.”

Service for easier living

The Evolta-run Lupapiste is a one-stop service for electronic building permit application. It is a joint project of Solita and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. The interactive service brings officials from the municipal authorities, permit applicants, designers, and other project partners together at the same address. This happens from the preliminary consultancy phase right through to the end of the project and the archiving phase. The award-winning service has already been adopted by around 200 municipalities, and more than 60% of people in Finland now have access to it. Electronic permits have reduced the amount of time needed for handling applications in municipalities by up to 90%. At the same time, it has brought considerable improvements in project transparency, administration, and the quality of applications.

“Our mission continues to be to make people’s everyday lives easier with smoothly functioning online services that reduce unnecessary bureaucracy, increase transparency, and are convenient and pleasant to use,” says Evolta’s CEO Jani Muhonen. “Development of the service is proceeding rapidly. We update it every two weeks, and we will continue to put resources into high-quality customer service.”

More information:
Evolta Oy, CEO Jani Muhonen, tel. +358 400 191 646, [email protected]
Jari Niska, CEO, Solita Oy, tel. +358 40 5246 400, [email protected]

Evolta is an electronic permits and archiving company. Evolta’s Lupapiste service, developed together with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, is a one-stop service for electronic building permit processes of the built environment. Evolta is 100% owned by Solita. www.evolta.fi/en

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