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Level up with artificial intelligence

Although the amount of data at our disposal is increasing at a gradual pace, we still cannot make fast and accurate decisions. This is a paradox which people are familiar with today in just about every field – and artificial intelligence could be the solution.

  • Do you wish you could make data-based decisions more quickly and accurately?

  • Could some of your tasks and decision-making processes be automated?

  • Would you like more precise data and improved data collection?

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Next steps to the solutions

  • 1

    Turn challenges into opportunities
    We can assist you in identifying and putting into words the opportunities that are open to you wherein additional value is created with the support of IT and data systems

  • 2

    Become familiar with technical solutions
    We present you with possible technical solutions and processes and help in deciding between them

  • 3

    Try it for yourself
    We build the prototype of the technical solution chosen and conduct testing in real conditions

  • 4

    Make future plans
    We present the results of the testing and outline the cost of the technical solutions

Why opt for Solita Kratitegu?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at enormous speed. Many countries and companies are working in-depth to test AIs because they make remarkable increases in productivity possible at a much lower cost. Solita’s Estonian team boasts leading data system and software specialists, business consultants and service designers from the Nordic countries.

Our 1000-strong international team can handle even the most complicated IT and data warehouse-related technical tasks. With Kratitegu, you will turn your business and organisational challenges into opportunities.

Depending on the volume of the task, the cost of a project is from 2000-5000 euros and lasts 2-4 weeks. When it comes to funding, the Digital Diagnostics Measure offered by Enterprise Estonia may be of assistance. The goal of funding is to support the compilation of processing and mountain industry digitalisation and automation diagnostics.

Our consultants and IT and data system experts can assist you in identifying ways of implementing artificial intelligence in your organisation.


  • Transport

    HSL’s huge ticket and zone renewal was implemented in cooperation with customers

    HSL’s public transport moved into a new era, when zones A, B, C and D replaced the travel zones based on municipal boundaries. From the customers’ point of view, the renewal was a great success, the surveys show. The success is also apparent in the number of journeys made since the renewal, especially on the metro. Read more

  • Trade

    Data feels the pulse of demand

    Amer Sports wanted to produce just the optimal amount of products and needed a better way to predict the demand, as well as sales, in the global market. Using forecasts produced by the data platform, Amer Sports is also able to reduce the cost of materials by tens of millions of euros annually by minimising sales lost because of product unavailability. Read more

  • Health

    How AI-driven Oravizio is saving costs and saving lives

    What if doctors were able to harness the data from over 35,000 previous surgeries to enable accurate risk prediction for individual patients, and thus make better-informed decisions? Oravizio is an AI-driven solution that is changing the lives of patients for the better, revolutionising the way that doctors work, and enhancing the shared decision-making process between doctor and patient. Read more

  • Industry

    More time to engage with customers

    With the new service, the Laattapiste’s sales staff can complete the full order process – complete offers, make orders directly in the ERP system, track orders, customer accounts and sales dashboard – in one location. This has resulted in a significant increase in the time left for customer engagement and personal service. Also, staff can avoid six months of ERP training, as all functions are included in the new system. Read more

  • Energy

    Agile information management energises Fortum’s waste processing

    Fortum RWS and Solita carried out a joint project on the Semarchy xDM platform, which gave Fortum RWS an entirely new information management capacity. The implementation brought all the essential business data in this global corporation into the same framework. This created a common set of data for business operations, which is a good foundation for digitalisation. Also, unified framework keeps costs in check. Read more

  • Telecoms

    The ultimate data platform based on artificial intelligence

    The Ultimate Data Platform enabled the transformation at DNA from separate data silos and analytics projects to a consistent data platform. The Finnish Telco can now use the analytics solutions to predict customer satisfaction and combine usage trends and location models with customer value indicators, just to mention a few of the numerous other business tools for better management. Read more

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When it comes to funding, the Digital Diagnostics Measure offered by Enterprise Estonia may be of assistance. The goal of funding is to support the compilation of processing and mountain industry digitalisation and automation diagnostics.

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