Jedox solutions for enterprise planning and analytics

Jedox is a modern solution for enterprise planning, analysing, monitoring and reporting. Jedox has thousands of customers such as Toyota, ABB, Canon, BMW, Fujitsu, Vodafone, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz and PWC in over 120 countries.

Solita is Gold Certified Jedox Partner which guarantees that we can offer comprehensive consultant services utilising also our Jedox network.

High-performance, flexible and cost-efficient

Jedox has great performance and its deployment time is one of the fastest on the market. Customers have the opportunity to maintain and develop the solution independently without the presence of a consultant or IT. Because of this, and the license pricing model, total costs are very competitive. Best practices and ready-made models provided by Solita and Jedox can be used as the foundation for a customer solution. The solution can also be fully customised for customer needs. The delivery model is equally flexible.

Since Jedox is similar to Excel from user experience, it is easy for new users to familiarise themselves with Jedox. Jedox is still a lot more than an Excel add-in. It enables building demanding planning solutions for financial and operational planning and also automatises monthly management reporting packages. All this is possible by using existing Excel sheets as a base without the boundaries set by packaged software. End-users can use either Excel, Web or Mobile as a user interface.

Jedox is available as an on-premises or as a private or public cloud-based SaaS solution.

Jedox components for efficient planning and data visualisation:

  • Jedox Web

    An intuitive Excel like user-interface for data analysing and designing planning solutions and visualisations.

  • Jedox Excel add-in

    A flexible Excel user-interface with real-time connection to source. Jedox Excel add-in offers the possibility to build reports and model business easily.

  • JedoxMobile

    Access to reports, dashboards and planning sheets anywhere and anytime.

  • Jedox in-memory multidimensional OLAP-database

    Ideal for demanding modelling and calculations.

  • Jedox Integrator

    Integrates seamlessly to most data sources with efficient ETL tool Jedox. Jedox has over 50 built-in data connectors, including connectors to Salesforce and SAP. Automatic data preparation and transformation visualisations help to model data and support data audits. Jedox also has connectors to other data visualisation tools, such as Tableau and Qlik.

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