The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the business models, processes and management of companies. Solita’s complete IoT Alliance services, tested solutions and extensive partner network enable quick IoT experiments and make it easier to launch new services.

There is a world of opportunity in the IoT and in using the data generated by devices and systems. IoT solutions make it possible to save working time, reduce costs, and create whole new services and business opportunities. However, projects are often slow to start due to challenges regarding the choice of technologies, suppliers and platforms.

Solitan IoT Alliance offers a complete network of partners and solutions that will get you started quickly. The IoT Alliance is a unique service model for the platform economy that includes services and solutions for:

  • testing
  • artificial intelligence
  • data logging
  • analytics
  • visualisation
  • cloud solutions

We have already worked out the necessary tools and technologies, and we have built easy-to-use service modules for applications such as predictive maintenance, utilisation rate monitoring, remote control and machine-learning camera-based detection.

Everything you need you can get from a single source. We can help you with technology, and also the implementation of new operating models and services with, for example, service design and change management.

IoT Alliance service modules offer ready solution templates for your business needs:

  • Predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance

  • Utilisation rate monitoring

    Utilisation rate monitoring

  • Remote control

    Remote control

  • Data logging

    Data logging

  • Advanced detection

    Advanced detection

IoT Alliance -partners

Solita’s partners in the IoT Alliance are DNA, Haltian, Virelabs, IBM, elfGROUP, Testimate, Unseen Technologies,  ALSO Group, IBM and Wazombi Labs.

The IoT Alliance uses technological solutions from its partner network, including AWS, Azure, Tableau, Cisco Jasper, IoT World Alliance and Kaltiot.

IoT Guide

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