Internet of Things and Industrial Internet

The Internet of Things is one of the greatest changes of our time, and it has a significant impact on the marketplace and on the companies of any industry. The IoT, the Industrial Internet and digitalisation are in the process of revolutionising business models and corporate processes and functions from product development, production, sales, marketing, invoicing to even warranties. The borders between industries are crashing down and companies are left to reconsider their position in the marketplace. Those who can think in new ways and dare to exploit new opportunities with an open mind will be rewarded with entirely new avenues of business and competitive advantage.

We can help in all areas of business development – always focusing on the value for customers

Our extensive service selection includes everything you need to develop IoT solutions and transform your business. The solutions include data gathering from equipment and devices, data analysis and utilisation as well as new digital services. We can also help with digital business strategy and development, as well as change management. The common denominator in everything we do is always our customer and the value their customers receive.

  • IoT and digital strategies

    Vision and milestones for new business and services

    • IoT and digital strategy
    • Roadmaps
    • Architectural mapping
    • Hackathons
    • Technological consultation
  • Concepts and service design

    Measure, test, learn – move fast and develop your service in an agile way

    • Service design
    • MVP implementation
    • Proofs of Concept
    • Data analysis
    • Business concept trials and prototyping
    • Measuring and testing
  • Continuous business development and consultation

    • Transformation
    • Process digitalisation and automation
    • Customer knowledge
    • Digital market knowledge
    • Ecosystems
    • Integrations and corporate architecture
    • Data security
  • Agile development

    • Data gathering and sensors
    • Information management
    • Predictive analytics
    • User interfaces and UX
    • Reporting and BI
    • Cloud services
    • Experimental services
    • Mobile services
    • Agile and lean methods