Information modelling

Information modelling

Information modelling provides a common information model for your company’s business and IT solutions. It helps you clarify requirements when developing or getting new IT solutions, produce a company-wide reference model, or define your product and customer structures. A common information model reduces costs and complexity, enabling the more effective development and management of your company’s information structure. Solita helps you develop the model for your business needs and put it into practice throughout your organisation.

Our common information model service for business and IT personnel provides you with an intensive and effective kickstart for building an information model. As a result, you will have a definition and structure for business and IT-driven information, as well as documented information in a modelling tool that can manage complex connections.

Our workshops on conceptual and information modelling are both challenging and a valuable way to involve and commit the key people for development. In ensuring a successful outcome, it is important that both top management and people with more down-to-earth knowledge of current processes and information take part in workshops.

Our information modelling service includes:

  • Training in the modelling language to ensure the participants speak the same language and can clearly formulate the requirements with the selected description technique.
  • Defining the focus for modelling.
  • Listing relevant concepts and qualities
  • Modelling in workshops with examples in table form.
  • Analysing and documenting the model and list of concepts with definitions and examples in table form.
  • A preliminary report on the conceptual model, which will be finalised after the follow-up with the workshop attendees.

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