Information management

To an increasing degree, business will be based on innovative and effective use of information. Information management processes and systems form the foundation of a modern, digital company. At the moment, information management is undergoing a transition from traditional data storage towards a modern and flexible data platform to better support future business needs.

The amount of data is growing vastly. You have to be able to manage big data and diverse information from various sources, and to make use of them in real time, flexibly and in a scalable way. The core of information management lies in business-driven and high-quality modelling, integration, enrichment, historicising and automated processing.

Modern information management not only enables reporting and analytics, but plays an important role in Industrial Internet solutions and predictive analytics, as well as in e-commerce and other digital services. It offers 360° views of customer data or other relevant information.

Solita’s specialists can help you to take advantage of technologies and methods that adapt to the needs of business and scale cost-effectively for data storage and information management. We utilise opportunities that automation and cloud-based solutions offer, and build services and operating models for your organisation that can provide your company with entirely new business models.

Solita's solutions to information management

  • Consultation and training services

    • Starter packages
    • Information management strategy
    • Information architecture
    • Present state analyses
    • Concepts
    • Roadmaps
    • Training

    We will help your company to get started on the journey towards developing your information management.

  • Modern Data Warehouse

    Build a flexible and scalable, modern data platform.

  • Information and governance

    • Planning and implementation services
    • Master data management (MDM)
    • Data modelling
    • Management of data quality
    • Practices, development process
    • Maintenance and support services

    Manage your knowledge capital and achieve a competitive edge.

  • Extensive toolkit

    • Semarchy
    • Snowflake
    • Informatica
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Oracle
    • IBM
    • Microsoft
    • Birst
    • Denodo

    Broad technological expertise.

Agile Data Engine - DataOps for cloud DW

Agile Data Engine is an integrated DataOps development and operations platform for building, deploying and running cloud-based data warehouses. Data modeling, ELT & orchestration capabilities combined in the same software.

Read more about Agile Data Engine

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