IBM Solutions for business planning and data visualization

Renewed IBM solutions are a great fit for individual employees, workgroups, departments and for medium-sized and large companies. IBM solutions helps every individual to make better decisions for your organisation now and in the future. Through IBM solutions, your organisation can improve your business performance and manage strategic targets by leveraging real-time analytics. Solita is an IBM Gold Partner with over 10 years of consultancy experience in IBM solutions.

IBM solutions for planning and analysing

  • Planning Analytics

    Versatile tools for business and financial planning, budgeting, reporting, analysing and modelling.

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  • Cognos Analytics

    Powerful and scalable solution for business intelligence and performance management.

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Planning Analytics for operational and business planning, forecasting and monitoring

IBM Planning Analytics powered by IBM TM1 is a modern, integrated planning solution for operational and business planning, forecasting, monitoring and analysing. SaaS solution offers easy deployment and continuous services and always the newest features. The solution has IBM TM1 as a core for demanding calculations and intuitive Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) as a visual user interface.

Because of its flexibility, Planning Analytics is highly suitable for organisations from different industries. Best practices, blueprints and ready-made functionalities and examples provided by Solita and IBM can be used as the foundation for your solution. In addition, Planning Analytics enables different changes when the organisation and its needs changes.

From the technical side, the solution leans on IBM TM1 memory-based cubes which have a larger computing ability in comparison to relational data models.

With Planning Analytics it is possible to write rules to cubes which enables moving data from different sectors of planning in real-time (e.g. personnel cost budget to cost centre level profit budget). Planning Analytics supports common data file and database sources and integration to Active Directory to ease the access rights management.

Planning Analytics also provides extensive features for analysing and reporting:

  • Planning Analytics Workspace, intuitive user interface for input sheets and building your own views.
  • Planning Analytics Excel, advanced user interface in Excel which is connected to a cloud solution and provides the opportunity to build your own reports.
  • Strategy visualisations and scorecard features.
  • Reporting abilities to management and other reporting (e.g. measures, report sharing, reporting packages and report publishing); also provides the ability to create Ad-hoc reports easily.
  • Cognos Command Center to manage processes and schedules.

Planning Analytics Workspace offers users the possibility to modify in-built views based on their needs. Users can copy different elements such as visualisations, and change their layout and build a unique planning view. Users can also make changes in their own private sandbox view before releasing the changes to the actual plan. In Planning Analytics Workspace, it is also possible to do ad-hoc reporting and compare different scenarios and do simulations.
Planning Analytics is available as an on-premises solution or as a cloud-based SaaS solution. Planning Analytics also integrates seamlessly to Cognos Analytics.

AI-fuelled Cognos Analytics for reporting and data visualisation

Cognos Analytics provides a modern platform for exploring the data, building powerful data stories and dashboards or reports, but also for building your own data models. Cognos Analytics has an easy and intuitive user interface which is also suitable for mobile use.

Cognos Analytics brings wide self-service abilities to a comprehensive business intelligence platform and enables the combining of spreadsheets to centrally governed data sources and content.

The centrally governed data model provides credibility and persistence whereas data modules created and governed by users enables more flexibility and agility.

Features from Watson Analytics have been brought to Cognos Analytics enabling AI-assisted analytics and visualisation. In Cognos Analytics, it is also easy to share links to reports and dashboards via email or Slack, or embed them to other web services.

In addition to a new interface and features, Cognos Analytics still provides versatile tools for centrally governed data modelling, building complex reporting solutions, and data protection. Modern tools are also compatible with older versions. Report solutions created with older versions are also largely compatible and functional in Cognos Analytics.
Cognos Analytics is available as on-premises or as a cloud-based SaaS solution.