Solita Cloud Buyer's Guide

8. How to maximize benefits of cloud while minimizing risks?

How to make the most out of the cloud? Do you have challenges in realizing the benefits for your business, managing the cloud, keeping developers happy or due to the security concerns? Our Solita CloudBlox® service makes your life easier.

8. How to maximize benefits of cloud while minimizing risks?

For many IT teams, cloud is a different way of dealing with IT infrastructure. It requires different skills, different tools and a different philosophy than private cloud or on-premises. Research also highlights that they are not easy to grasp and implement. Having helped dozens of customers on their cloud journey, we at Solita have recognised and dealt with the issues discussed above – and decided to do something about it.

Solita CloudBlox – the turn key solution for cloud management

Solita CloudBlox® combines professional services, service management, automation, maintenance and support services into one easy-to-understand concept. It works as a foundation and a framework in the public cloud enabling modern application and infrastructure development and maintenance. Moreover, it can help organizations to better succeed in providing digital services for their own customers keeping agility, speed, and efficiency in mind.

Solita CloudBlox® - manage your cloud operations, development, costs and security

Solita CloudBlox® is a modern managed cloud service to holistically manage and develop public cloud platforms by

  • enabling adoption of public clouds faster, clearly, and step-by-step
  • providing manageability and governance across multiple public clouds enabling scaling
  • improving security posture and providing visibility to compliance state
  • helping to lower cloud costs during application development and maintenance
  • helping to mitigate talent risks related to developing and running cloud
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When moving to the cloud, a modern digital development partner like Solita can help you to accelerate the transformation, avoid the most common pitfalls and get more value out of the cloud. Our experienced and certified professionals help you to discover the best solutions, tools and technologies for your business. 

  • Cloud strategy and governance: we can help to take advantage of the cloud to support business and to plan your cloud to be secure, governed and efficient.
  • Cloud foundation and cloud development: we can help you in building a solid foundation for your cloud fast and in clear steps. Once done, we master scaling the cloud to your business functions and help them to succeed.
  • Application development and migrations: we can help you with modernizing applications, develop new and migrate existing ones to the cloud with proven cloud-native expertise.
  • DevOps transformation: we can help you with topics like agile operation, reliability engineering, automations and CI/CD.
  • Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE): we can help to lead cloud transformation successfully. Business understanding, governance, centralized tooling, community building, transformation expertise are key expertises to succeed – we have all of them covered.

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