Webinar: We got it wrong. Data isn’t about decision-making

Date: 15 Sep 2020
Location: WebinarWatch recording

So much data investment is put into “enabling fact-based decision making” without realising that we as humans don’t just automatically absorb data facts and make decisions directly based on that.

In this webinar recording, Antti Rannisto and Lasse Girs from Solita join Andy Cotgreave for a thought-provoking webinar powered by Tableau. Antti Rannisto’s understanding of human behaviours and Lasse Girs’ background in working with various data initiatives, it feels like it’s time to change the conversation within the data community, and start talking about behaviours, not just information delivery.

The webinar explores:

  • The problem with all data is that it is only a subset of reality. Data needs context derived through other means than traditional data collection.
  • Culture is not “an obstacle” once you understand what culture actually is
  • From designing dashboards to designing data-driven behaviours – we must aim higher than just delivering dashboards
  • Collaborative analytics: We don’t thrive in solitude when it comes to being data-driven. However, when exchanging thoughts and ideas with others, we can be extraordinary.