Heliview: The Data Driven Business Summit 2021

Date: 3 Jun 2021 - 2 Jul 2021
Location: OnlineSign up

Data Driven Business Summit 2021 Heliview

Join us at Heliview Data Driven Business Summit 2021 on 3 June – 2 July 2021. The summit brings together a diverse group of data, BI & analytics professionals to discuss possibilities of data-driven working.

Live round tables, workshops and webinars will be a regular part of the 30-day online events.

You can compile your own programme 2 weeks before the event and choose which sessions you want to attend. The sessions are interactive and the perfect way to increase your knowledge and contact with colleagues and specialists in your field.

Register for the event and you’ll have unlimited access to the on demand platform for 30 days where you can watch

  • 20-minute talks, interviews, presentations
  • schedule one-to-one meetings with specialists
  • participate in interactive live sessions, round tables, webinars and workshops

Our speakers

23 June at 13-14.30 CEST Live session Round table – Transformation to cloud native and future proof platforms.

More and more companies move there IT infrastructure to the cloud including their data management applications. What is the business driver to move you data to the cloud, how is the migration process being handled, should you go for a hybrid or multi-cloud solution and is my data well protected on a public cloud? We will discuss these topics and clarify some of the most asked questions.

On demand: Agile data engine – DataOps platform for data warehousing by Maarten Roseleth, Senior Architect

In the world of DevOps it is already common to deploy your code very fast without compromising on the quality. Agile Data Engine wants to enable this also for your data, it is an integrated DataOps development and operations platform for building, deploying and running cloud-based data warehouses. Data modelling, ELT & orchestration capabilities combined in the same software. In this videotalk you will be introduced to this Agile Data Engine.

On demand: Machine data for customer value and new services by Marko Suojasto, Client Director

Data from manufacturing, after-sales, services, fleet management, and other sources were brought onto a cloud-based platform. And today, Ponsse creates value through data that cuts through all functions and business areas, empowering the company to develop new and innovative services.

Make sure you are there on time for the live sessions because spots are limited. Read more and sign up!