Solita Core 2021 – Fast & Curious

Date: 9 Sep 2021
Location: OnlineWatch the recording

Solita Core 2021

Our biggest tech event of the year, Solita Core, is here again!

This time you will reach us from anywhere in the world as Solita Core is organised as an online event.

Yes, we have all been cooked up in our homes for what seems like a life-time now. We’ve attended seminars and webinars that all start to feel the same. Solita Core is a little different. Of course, interesting tech talks are at the core of Solita Core (pardon the pun 😁). But we want to give you a bit more than that – you have great possibilities to mingle with other tech-minded people on the online platform, solve a little technical puzzle (with a possibility to win something!) and a lot more!

Watch the recording of Solita Core 2021!

Our dev, data and cloud professionals will take the stage and share new and exciting tech insights:

  • Juho Friman: The Holy Grail – Write Your Own Programming Language From Scratch
  • Joona Immonen: Trunk based development – How to push to the master like a boss with continuous deployment
  • Denzil Ferreira: Music to my ears – facing the documentation demons
  • Anahit Pogosova: You’ve got [email protected]! A story of a not-your-typical newsletter
  • Antti Peltonen: Mr. Consultant or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Public Cloud
  • Mikael Kujanpää: Making Tests Meaningful
  • Antti Loukiala: Dev and Data – Different but same
Watch the recording