ScanAgile 2019

Date: 13 Mar 2019 - 14 Mar 2019
Location: Clarion Hotel, Helsinki

Meet Solita at ScanAgile 2019!

Solita is a gold sponsor in ScanAgile 2019, a two-day conference on agile mindset and development in Helsinki on 13.-14.3. Come and listen to inspiring speakers and meet us at our Coaches’ Corner!

ScanAgile is an international conference getting the top professionals of agile development together for discussions and keynote speeches on agile mindset and methods. Agile development has a more and more critical role in all organisations, large or small, looking for effective ways of developing new business, products and services as well as our everyday work.

This year’s keynote speakers include among others Niels Phlaeging. Niels shakes management dogmas and talks about how organizations should organize themselves in order to survive and thrive in the modern era.

We’re organizing another Coaches’ Corner at ScanAgile 2019!

At ScanAgile 2018 Solita organized the “Coaches’ Corner”. With the help of other volunteer coaches from the Finnish agile community we offered conference guests 1-on-1 professional agile coaching in 45 minute non-stop sessions. This amazing bunch of coaches held a total of 24 coaching sessions over the course of two days.

The feedback we got was very positive and we felt we were truly able to be of service. So that’s why we want to organize another Coaches’ Corner in ScanAgile 2019. If you think you might want to join the effort and offer a couple of coaching sessions, we invite you to get in touch! You can send us an email at [email protected]

And if you just want to see what it’s about, come meet the coaches at our stand. Do you have a small problem at your work or business you’ve had a hard time breaking down? Come to the Coaches’ Corner to get help!

See you at ScanAgile 2019!

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Image above: ScanAgile