Nordic IoT Week 2019

Date: 9 Apr 2019 - 10 Apr 2019
Location: Kattilahalli, Helsinki

Solita and IoT Alliance partners attend Nordic IoT Week event April 9-10 in Helsinki! Meet us at IoT LAB to discuss how our IoT Alliance ecosystem can help your business succeed.

How long can you wait for to build your AI assisted IoT solution? Are you ready to rumble when your competitors are? A faster way to create new business with IoT is to utilize IoT ecosystem such as Solita IoT Alliance. When you can build modular solutions with ready-made and tested services and devices, you’ll get a quick start and more value for your business. Come say hi to us at Nordic IoT Week 2019 event IoT LAB area and read our latest thoughts on IoT before the event.

This year Nordic IoT Week 2019 focuses on newest technologies such as machine learning, robotics and blockchain in IoT context. With the emergence of new technologies such as AI, machine learning, robotics and blockchain the concept of IoT has exploded in its complexity. As the borders between industries are fading, it is the time for all companies to accelerate growth by seizing new opportunities.

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