Level up your serverless AWS solutions with Athena, Fargate and App Runner

Date: 25 Nov 2021
Location: Tulegatan 11, StockholmSign up

A warm welcome to this year’s first physical event in our Stockholm office on Nov 25 at 17-19 CET. We have really been looking forward to seeing you all again!

We will start with mingle while we enjoy some tasty local beer and some light food (non-alcoholic alternatives will be served as well) continued by the presentations.

Sergei from Solita will start the evening and give us some insights into less known AWS serverless services Fargate and App Runner. Many of you probably have a lot of data on S3 such as logs from AWS services and applications and maybe a CSV with important billing information from the finance team. In his presentation, Theo from AWS will show how you can use Amazon Athena to run queries against all the data you already have on S3, and how to do it cheaply and without any upfront work.


17:00 Beers, light food, and mingle
17:30 The presentations start
19:00 Wrap up

Meet the experts:

Theo Hultberg Tolv
Senior Solution Architect AWS
Experienced developer and architect with a thing for distributed systems, big data, and analytics. Over ten years of experience building applications on AWS, and a reference customer for multiple AWS service teams. A Cassandra MVP, and ranked in the top 500 on Stack Overflow.

Sergei Vorabyov
Senior Cloud Architect at Solita with several decades of experience from working with IT and over 10 years of experience working in cloud projects using cloud and container technologies, there aren’t many aspects of cloud computing Sergei can not handle.

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