Virtual event

Fast and future-proof data capabilities

Date: 25 Feb 2021
Location: OnlineWatch the recording

Feeling overwhelmed by the growing business expectations to get value out of your data assets?

You are not alone. Every organisation is now seeking ways to harvest the value from its data assets and create a competitive advantage in the market. This can be a complex and frustrating endeavor as you need to juggle many things simultaneously. It requires changes in systems, processes and people’s behavior. Technology is definitely not an answer to all of the challenges.

But a RIGHT technology can be an answer to many of those. Enabling true agility in data platform development is crucial. Speed and quality of your data value flow can make a huge difference.

You need to be able to create a cloud based data capability quickly and in a managed way and continuously deliver value from data, every day. To make your architecture future-proof, you also need to unlock person and technology ecosystem dependencies.

We invite you to hear real life experiences from two Nordic companies, DNA (part of Telenor) and UPM, and how Solita’s Agile Data Engine and Snowflake can help you to achieve these advantages. The interviews will be done by Petronella Posti at Solita and Jakob Brandel at Snowflake.

Key takeaways:

  • How to speed-up the value creation from data
  • What future-proof data architecture means
  • How to scale the delivery of data solutions