Data Champions Meetup

Date: 16 Oct 2019 - 16 Oct 2019
Location: Herzogspitalstraß 24, MunichSign up

Welcome to Solita Data Champions Meetup!

What to take into consideration when building modern data warehouses and migrating your self-service BI tools into cloud? We invite all software developers, IT specialists, data developers, cloud computing enthusiast and technology startup people to join our meetups and discuss about modern data warehouses and migrating self-service BI tools. We will bring the best experts from Solita and our friends to talk about the newest tech, Agile development and customer insight to our meetups. We aim to give insights from developer to developer.

Evening agenda:

Opening words by Solita

Modern Data Warehousing – Pekka Haavisto, Senior Data Architect, Solita

“Data warehouses have been built decades on top of traditional databases in on-premises servers. Now when modern data warehouses have become Data Platforms in cloud, the way of building them has also evolved heavily. Our senior data architect, Pekka, will guide you through process of what to consider before, during and after the build.”

Break 10-15 min

Shifting from traditional reporting to modern BI – Jani Multasuo, Senior BI Consultant, Solita

“For many years the backbone of BI has been the cubes and the reports giving aggregated snapshots of data for decision making. Recent years have brought us the concept of “Cloud” – endless storage and computing capacity – that has changed the whole BI landscape radically. What are the differences between traditional and modern BI? How to migrate from legacy tools to self-service platforms? Our senior BI consultant, Jani will give practical tips based on his and our company’s experience on how to make the most out of your BI modernization and how to avoid potential pitfalls.”

There will be free drinks and snacks offered by Solita, so you can join after work!

 The event will be held in English.

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