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Computerworld Digital Summit Days 2021

Date: 23 Mar 2021 - 25 Mar 2021
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Computerworld Digital Summit Days 2021

What does it mean to ’go to the cloud’ in practice? And how can business development be guided and supported to succeed with an independent ’cloud first’ infrastructure? Sign up for Digital Summit 2021 on 23-25 March to find out!

These days, the financial industry is heavily regulated, but that does not mean that financial institutions are not able to improve and utilise data more efficiently. On the contrary, it enhances digital transformation and leans into platform thinking.

In fact an independent data infrastructure and ’cloud first’ thinking is key if you want to take ownership of driving future growth and strengthening your position in the market.

Savings Bank in Finland did just that. When the company, providing core services to the bank, was acquired by a multinational operator, Savings Bank decided it was time to start building an independent data infrastructure.

In this session on March 25 at 10 CET Petja Venäläinen will share:

  • How the Finnish Savings bank was able to plan and implement a successful cloud journey?
  • Why and how their story could potentially apply to your own cloud journey
  • What key elements need to be present to achieve a successful transformation and integration
  • What kind of skills you should have in-house, and what you should outsource?
  • How you can risk failing the cloud transformation even if you have a solid plan?

Petja is an experienced leader and principal consultant with great expertise and an impressive track record in projects that ranges from technical enterprise architecture to business development activities within, sales, cloud journey and business transformation. Prior to joining Solita, Petja has held various CxO-level positions in some of the leading IT-companies in Finland.

His enduring professional obsession is understanding the purpose and aims of businesses in order to help them develop a plan for a future where resources are well deployed to deliver maximum impact.

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