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Computerworld: Data Driven Business 2021

Date: 16 Jun 2021
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Join us for the annual Danish Computerworld Conference ‘Data Driven Business 2021’ on June 16th

We are supporting the annual Computerworld conference. This year, automation and data on the strategic agenda is the topic of choice for the conference.

The conference is highly relevant for IT executives and data specialists wanting to gain insights into best practices within data and analytics.

We will be joining the conversation with a presentation on:

”Next Best Action”:  How to create a modern data architecture that accommodates your customers needs

In this session, Managing Director, Toke Friborg, and Senior Business Advisor, Mogens Kristensen, will show you how a company can predict and accommodate customer needs more timely and precisely by using data and analytics. Setting the scene with actual use-cases, they will introduce you to the Next Best Action (NBA) terminology and show you why data and analytics should be an essential part of your business practice – how your employees can use and leverage it to plan NBA for your clients.

Moreover, they will address the modern requirements for your data architecture and your platform technology setup in order for you to make the most of your data.

You will walk away from this session knowing:

  • How you collect data from your external and internal eco-systems and how to leverage it the best way possible to decide on NBAs that meet customer needs.
  • How to follow up on your NBAs so you continue to refine the precision of your customer service practice going forward.
  • How to build the data architecture and establish a platform that truly scales.
  • How to organise your work so it pays of in the best way possible