AI Masterclass Meetup

Date: 17 Jun 2019
Location: Solita Tallinn, Viru Väljak 2Sign up

Welcome to AI Masterclass for decision makers

Want to look beyond all the hype? What is AI and what it isn’t, how to get started with getting business value from utilisation of AI.

Join Solita and our AI Lead Jani Turunen’s morning AI training session where you will be able to grasp what AI really means and how its “magic” is really simple to understand (hint: it’s mostly 5th grade math). After the session you will know what is possible with state-of-the-art AI and what isn’t. In addition, we’ll cover some of the ethical and regulatory concerns around the use of AI and why you should know about them before building your first AI-powered solutions.

We will look at the role of data in modelling and discuss why lack of understanding rather than technical capabilities is typically slowing down adoption in business. Session includes examples from Solita’s real life business cases as well as a small hands-on building a machine learning model.

After the session Jani and other Solita experts will be available to discuss how your business can get started with adoption of AI.