Digital strategy and service design

Digitalisation creates a competitive advantage and opens up entirely new business and growth opportunities for companies that are able and willing to adapt to the changes in the economy and society. A digital strategy, as well as the readiness and capacity for change, are the basic requirements for the successful management of online business, together with continuous operational development. The effects of digitalisation are felt in every field, company and function. To survive, each company must adjust their operations, business models and organisational and service culture. Change management is a journey we can guide you on.

Solita digital strategy and service design solutions

Solita Design is a tailored expert service for modernising organisations. We can help you with implementing total solutions or gathering the pieces included in them. Our services include everything from strategy, idea and concept design to practical implementation, development and maintenance – all according to your specifications. We will build solutions together with you on all the levels of your organisation, from personnel to processes and tools. We will simplify, segment structures and measure our actions to achieve sustainable solutions that create true added value. As your guide, it will be our duty to show you the way in the changing world of digitalisation.

  • Digital strategy

    Turn the changes of business environment to opportunities and competitive advantage.

    • Map your current status, clarify your strategy and make a concrete roadmap.
    • Plan your product or service strategy and electronic management.
    • Make change management your competitive advantage.
  • Concept design

    Create a clear concept and ensure the basis of successful service.

    • Figure out the true needs of your customers and their user personalities.
    • Simplify and clarify your direction and goals.
    • Ensure that your concept is viable, user-oriented and beneficial to business.
    • Take concrete measurements of the results and success.
  • Service design

    Make a service that meets both your customer and business needs.

    • Brainstorm, build, release and measure – find the best solutions for your services, content and campaigns.
    • Stand out with a service experience that is intuitive, innovative and rewarding.
    • Harmonise your services and brand in multi-channel ecosystems.
  • Service architecture

    Connect your services seamlessly to your company and business environment.

    • Create a complete service architecture.
    • Build the foundation and plan for the implementation of the service or business model.
    • Be aware of the different levels in service design: operations, operational environments and information systems.