Data Treasure Map

Facilitated session to maximize value from your data sources

To find the best data driven opportunities, you need to map your data sources, user needs and assess your current status: successes & failed projects. Ideas rising from these help us list future opportunities. To put it simply, it’s about summing up and analysing past experience, existing data assets and business & customer needs to identify data opportunities.

data treasure map

The ultimate goal is to clearly answer the following questions: What advantages does each opportunity have and how hard are they to implement? The biggest pain points are usually the identification on opportunities and their prioritization.

Our Data Treasure Map service helps you to get a clear insight of your data treasures and capability gaps.


  • Facilitated sessions to generate ideas for data utilization
  • Prioritize and enhance ideas
  • Outline the most important cases on opportunity canvases
  • Guidance from Data Architect, Data Business Designer and Innovation Specialist


  • High volume of data sources, potentially untapped data value
  • Biases and organizational blindness are common
  • Lack of ownership or unclear roles to drive data development


  • Inventory of the most crucial data treasures and capability gaps
  • Prioritized data opportunities (3-5) documented outcomes
  • Use case best practices guidelines to build consistent value from data
  • Educational material to re-use

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