Data Exploration

Exploring data for insights with advanced analytics

A very common problem that organisations face: they have vast reserves of data that they don’t know how to use. Also, they might be lacking an understanding on how it could be used.

Our viewpoint is to approach this problem via iterative experimentation and aim to concretize the insights to show even small practices help people understand and innovate on their data.

The best result is usually gained by a multi-talented group of people

  1. Domain experts to describe current pain points or gaps
  2. Data handling and analytics specialists to mine and combine the data sources
  3. Designers with either human insight or service design skills to outline the most user-friendly and smartest way of rethinking business processes

Our Data Exploration service helps you to utilize the full potential of your data and put data and insight into practice in your business environment.


  • Together, we look at the key domain needs and use cases, how does the business usage of data look like.
  • We define an actual business problem and identify existing data with potential to address problem. Then we analyze the data to show you how the data is put into work and calculate the value of insights generated by data.
  • Our Data Scientist and Insight Specialists together with you iterate and discuss findings as a continuous, iterative loop during the project.


  • We guide you through the initial requirements for data and analysing options so you can make concrete steps to put the data and insight into practice in your business environment
  • You are able to test drive data driven, iterative experimentation
  • Instead of guessing, our scientists deliver actual insight and potential algorithm(s)


  • We do the inventory: what data do you already have
  • We calculate the value of the outcomes
  • Key findings are maintained in automatically generated document that shows the data preparation, modeling work and intermediate + final results (modeling, algorithms and visualisations)
  • Wrap up of insights and next step actions & recommendations

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