Data by the slice

A podcast and video series on data mesh, distributed data systems and making data great in the twenty-first century


The worlds of data management and software development are converging at a rapid pace, driven by trends like Data Mesh and ML Ops. This evolution challenges many traditional conventions. Data by the Slice is a podcast and video interview series where Solita’s data geeks speak with data leaders and experts to gain an understanding of what this evolution means in practice and in real life.

In the discussions with our guests, we tackle questions like

  • how to distribute accountability
  • how ML/AI is essentially software development
  • and how you just have to let go and trust people.

Data by the slice

Antti Loukiala Solita

Meet the host

Antti Loukiala, Technical Lead on data platforms, Solita

Antti is an all-around architect, engineer and developer, with deep knowledge of both microservice based architecture and monolithic data management architectures.