Service identity and decision-making based firmly on user insight

Solita helped Linnanmäki to develop their customer-centric organizational culture. A thorough customer research phase provided the basis for creating the service identity, customer service concept and the changes to be implemented for the new season. The user insight gained was also utilized in strategic planning exercises which decided on target user groups, values, KPIs and a new follow-up model.

Our role

For the past few years Solita has been a partner to the Linnanmäki amusement park in developing customer experience. Solita conducted an exceptionally in-depth user study that was transformed into tools and actions for the company. Solita participated in developing the service culture, new concepts and strategy work.

It has been great working with Solita as they have such wide-ranging expertise in user research analysis and processing collected data so that it can be used to improve the customer experience. In addition, the creative visualizations have aided us in understanding and implementing of new concepts.

– Pia Adlivankin, CEO

“Solita provided us with a fresh perspective on our strategy work, in which the user insight gained was used as the basis for long-term planning.  Solita was able to both challenge and support our development work, to which our entire staff were committed. It is a pleasure to keep collaborating with Solita for new development projects,” says Pia Adlivankin.


  • 100 new changes
  • Improved user satisfaction