National Land Survey of Finland

Renewal of the property registration system

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) real estate information system is a fundamental register for Finnish society. It contains information about auctions and mortgages and is an important tool for banks to estimate property values. We renewed the property registration system and other systems in order to comply with new regulations, match changes in NLS tasks, and to support the real estate trade as it continues to migrate online.

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is responsible for one of the basic registries of Finland. It contains map data, as well as property, land and owner information. The registry is the main source of data for banks when property value is estimated, and is a very important source of information for many companies and individuals.

Legal confirmation built in to data entry

The legacy system was over 30 years old and in urgent need of updating. Legislative changes triggered the demand for a modern information system that could better serve businesses, citizens and the NLS. Solita’s work focused on renewing the data entry part of the system so that it could serve as legal confirmation, as well as a mortgage registry. Many other parts of the system were renewed at the same time.

During the three-year project, all Finnish real estate data was digitized and transferred into the new system. The process was demanding and required in-depth knowledge of NLS processes, in addition to understanding the new legislation.

During the three-year project, all Finnish real estate data was digitized and transferred into the new system.

A new national data archive that is effective and reliable

The new data entry part of the register has helped to increase processing speed. NLS staff can work more efficiently and customers can rapidly access data online on demand. One of the revolutionary aspects to this project was the introduction of a fully digital data archive. The new archive is eventually estimated to replace over 200 meters of old paper archives. The system was taken into use in May 2013 and as been online and in use without any downtime.


  • Renewal of the national real estate information system, focusing on data entry
  • Full digital archiving with no need for paper archives
  • Automated processes to reduce errors and manual labor
  • Enables customers to access data online and promotes new business opportunities
  • Robust, reliable, secure design taking advantage of the latest technologies

Solita listened to us and they were dedicated in their work, even as situations changed. Reliability was the most important aspect. There is no room for error in our data entry system as it holds such a large part of Finnish real estate information. We’ve been very satisfied with the system.Arvo KokkonenPresident, National Land Survey of Finland


  • Wicket
  • Java
  • Spring
  • SOA
  • Oracle
  • Rest-API
  • XSLT

Solita’s role

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Continuous services
  • Maintenance

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