NEOT to minimize information security risks with Solita WhiteHat service

NEOT, a significant fuel supply company, wanted to improve their information security and be more up-to-date of any possible risks to their business. NEOT implemented the Solita WhiteHat cyber security service which detects if confidential internal data is unintentionally visible to outsiders, analyzes all issues found and makes recommendations on further actions. NEOT now gets daily status reports of any new or changed information, enabling them to react quickly and ensure that their high information security requirements are met.

NEOT is a significant independent fuel supply company in the Baltic Sea region, operating actively on the global trading market. NEOT specializes in wholesale oil and bioproducts, supplying annually roughly 7 billion liters of fuels to large service station chains St1, ABC, and Shell in the Nordic countries, and in seagoing vessels, as well as in the aviation industry.

Information security is essential to NEOT’s business, as NEOT operates under the national security of supply regulations and secures on its part the supply of fuels in Finland. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure continuous operations and minimize risk for any disturbances.

Is there unnecessary information unintentionally visible for outsiders?

Detecting information security incidents is difficult and can take a long time before they emerge. Confidential internal data can become visible to outsiders, for example, by human error, technological vulnerability, or a new application release – without you even noticing it. NEOT wanted to have better and more up-to-date information about possible issues revealing internal or unnecessary data to the internet: What data was visible yesterday, what is visible now, and how to get notified if new data goes public, so that they could react more quickly.

Solita WhiteHat is crawling the Internet for possible leaks and risks, and we can focus on our business. If something then occurs, we have Solita’s professionals to help us.Miika Leskinen, CIO, NEOT

Solita WhiteHat detects public data and flags possible risks

We provided NEOT with our new Solita WhiteHat cyber security service, which on a regular basis gathers public data, analyses findings and recommends actions if anything noticeable is found. With Solita WhiteHat, NEOT gets clear visualizations of relevant data with all changes highlighted to receive attention. It detects NEOT’s online presence, for example, leaked passwords, documents, unnecessary server or application information, misconfigured cloud components and leaked databases, to reveal any vulnerabilities or if sensitive data is available.

Instead of a one-time security audit, NEOT gets information about possible leaks daily. Solita’s experts are available for further analysis and mitigation.

“The detection tool is great as such but the possibility to get expert support in analyzing and mitigating findings is very valuable to us. Not only do we get the information of incidents and vulnerabilities quickly, within 24 hours, but we also  receive recommendations for the actions needed – on a continuous basis,” says Miika Leskinen, CIO, NEOT.

“To utilize information revealed by Solita WhiteHat is a no-brainer for every credible company.”Miika Leskinen, CIO, NEOT

Solita WhiteHat is a SaaS service so it is easy and quick to implement, without heavy investments and implementation projects. When implementing the service with NEOT, we already noticed several issues which were mitigated based on our report. Later on, new issues occurred and fixed as soon as they became visible with Solita WhiteHat.

Continuous development of information security

Solita WhiteHat now gives NEOT a significantly better view of the Internet footprint of their systems. This has triggered several development actions to improve information security.

“Solita WhiteHat finds sensitive issues amazingly well and reliably. We can now manage our risks better. Solita WhiteHat is crawling the Internet for possible leaks and risks, and we can focus on our business. If something then occurs, we have Solita’s professionals to help us,” says Miika Leskinen.


  • Comprehensive insight of what data is visible outside the organisation in the Internet
  • Notification in 24 hours if new data is detected
  • Reduces information security risks for NEOT’s business
  • Quick and easy to deploy as an SAAS service

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