Integration to Income Register opened the way to Finnish markets

Rydoo is an international SaaS software solution for managing business travel and expense reports, such as mileage and per diems. Before Rydoo could enter the Finnish markets, it needed to have an integration with the Finnish Incomes Register to meet local regulatory requirements. The Incomes Register is an electronic database where employers and other payers must report information on wages, pensions, and benefits paid within five days of the payment date. Solita helped Rydoo with the integration, and in just two months the integration solution was implemented, enabling Rydoo to expand its business to the Finnish markets.


Rydoo provides a better way to do expense management for companies worldwide. With an easy-to-use application, their goal is to eliminate painful and frustrating expense management by automating the entire process.

To enter the Finnish markets, Rydoo needed to meet local regulatory requirements and enable their customers to report the handled expenses to Finnish National Income Register (Kansallinen Tulorekisteri, KATRE). Solita helped Rydoo with the integration.

Initially, the interface and cooperation with Finnish tax authority was identified as a challenge as well as registering a foreign company to report expense claims into the National Register. The interface testing with KATRE was fairly challenging due to the complicated authentication and authorisation process with Income Register.


“Solita made it easy for us to integrate into KATRE and it was a pleasure to work with Solita’s experts.”Julien Steel, VP Product Partnerships, Rydoo

Overall, the cooperation and communication between Rydoo and Solita were very smooth from the start and the joint team was able to overcome the challenges. The integration solution was implemented with Azure Integration Services in just two months, enabling Rydoo to expand their business to Finnish markets.

“Solita made it easy for us to integrate into KATRE and it was a pleasure to work with Solita’s experts. Their local expertise helped us navigate through the complex requirements from the Finnish National Income Register and completed the integration in under 2 months.”
Julien Steel, VP Product Partnerships, Rydoo