Customer and employee experience to a new level

Maintpartner is a service enterprise focused on industrial maintenance and operation. As part of the development of operating processes, Maintpartner wanted to make its information system more supportive of day-to-day work and enable connections to customers’ maintenance systems. We designed and implemented a service architecture and integration solution for Maintpartner that improves efficiency of operations in the field, enables the utilisation of operative data and helps Maintpartner to serve its customers even better than before.

The majority of Maintpartner’s personnel is composed of installers who carry out maintenance in the premises of customers, i.e. industrial companies. Their daily work was facilitated and enhanced with a thorough renewal of processes and operating methods. At the same time, information systems were harnessed to support work and the possibility to connect to customers’ maintenance systems was created. Previously, the systems were country and customer-specific and the information dispersed. Thanks to the integration solution, data is available for practical use in close to real-time, regardless of system and company boundaries.

Strong basis for service development

We joined Maintpartner in building a solution in support of new operating methods and processes that harmonised and accelerated system integration and facilitated the development of new services. We started by designing the architecture, information models and the practices for the management of master data, which establish a strong foundation for the development of new digital solutions and ensure flexibility in business change situations. After this, we deployed an integration Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in phases, with which internal systems and business partners could be brought into Maintpartner’s digital ecosystem and value chain in an agile manner.

The implementation of this sizeable renewal project was fairly speedy. The efficiency of our staff has increased and we’ve been able to provide better services to our customers.

Increased efficiency to daily work

Previously, installers had to retrieve work-related information from various places. The renewal provided the installers with a mobile application which enables the availability of the information needed for any particular job on site. The installer can read the data from their mobile phone and also report details related to the job’s performance on the same app, from where it is forwarded to various systems through ESB.  The application facilitates daily work and saves employees’ time.

In terms of continuous services, we help Maintpartner in making new customer integrations and in developing ESB. ,

Better customer service

We were also able to shape the business model into a more customer-driven and flexible form: when the time and resources used in the work can be checked in nearly real-time, the customer’s costs and the work performances it receives are strictly aligned. The mobile app allows reports to be submitted directly to the payroll and invoicing systems via ESB. This has enabled the extensive automation of payroll data and invoicing, which saves time and costs and reduces mistakes.

Through ESB, integrations from customers’ different systems can also now be realised in a uniform manner and much faster than before. Customers can be provided with a clear model with which the transfer of a device database or preliminary maintenance plan from customers’ maintenance systems to Maintpartner’s maintenance system occurs easily and cost-effectively.

Flexibility in changes of the operating environment

ESB enables consistent integration implementations and the API and service layer required by mobility and speeds up their deployment. The benefits are particularly visible when the needs of the business change and changes need to be made to existing systems or when developing new services.

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  • Integration architecture, management of master data and ESB
  • A uniform model for the development of system integrations
  • Customers’ systems are easier and faster to integrate with Maintpartner’s systems
  • Increased efficiency of staff’s daily work
  • Enables the provision of more flexibly pricing models to customers

Working with Solita’s people has been nice and flexible. Solita’s agile operating method, service-minded attitude and competence during the project were very convincing. The continuous services and operations after the project have also been of a first-rate quality.
Laura KauppinenHead of Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group


  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • Microsoft MDS

Solita’s role

  • Architectural design
  • Implementation
  • Continuous services
  • Maintenance

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