Big Data and Analytics

Sanoma is the leading multi-channel media company in Finland. Sanoma’s and Helsingin Sanomat website are Finland’s most read online services. Sanoma wanted to better serve both consumers and corporate customers – and utilize the information coming from their services more effectively. Together with Sanoma, we built a big data and analytics solution that can process vast amounts of data into valuable insight for developing services and business operations.

Millions of Finns visit Sanoma’s websites weekly. The services generate a huge amount of information about how consumers use the services, what content they consume, and how they do it. This information is typically multiform and scattered across different systems. Traditional methods for processing, analyzing and utilizing this information are awkward, slow and expensive.

Unlock the business potential of data from popular services

It is challenging to realize disparate masses of data into holistic information that can support service development. When data is used effectively there are great benefits for the business – and for customers. Consumers can be offered better services and a more personal customer experience, and corporate customers can take advantage of more accurately targeted marketing.

Our cooperation with Solita went smoothly from the beginning. We managed to get the first online services utilizing analytics in production very quickly.Pasi Ruhanen, Head of Consumer Data Asset, Sanoma

The solution is to process information step by step

Together with Sanoma, we built a new big data and analytics solution for processing information coming from diverse data sources. We implemented the most suitable technologies and designed and implemented the solution from scratch in close cooperation with Sanoma’s experts.

Our solution collects, process and analyzes the data mass by making it available coherently in real time. The data from millions of users, and hundreds of millions of visits, is sorted by analyzing content, finding relationships and comparing frequencies. Trends are revealed that can be used as the starting point for developing new services. The system is secure and compliant, and user data is handled anonymously.

Previously the data was scattered, but now we can really use it to energize our business.

Real time analytics enables agile service development

Solita has helped Sanoma collect huge amounts of data and analyze it cost effectively. We developed a cloud-based service, analytics are continuously generated, and the system scales easily according to the Sanoma team’s current needs. It is now possible to identify and rapidly react to changes in consumer behavior. Up-to-date high quality information helps Sanoma to develop services with increased agility. The base for business decision-making has shifted – from historical data collection into real-time information utilization.


  • Big data and analytics solution to process the huge mass of data from Sanoma’s online services into insight to support business operations
  • Facilitates and speeds up service development
  • Enables decision-making based on real time information
  • Faster response to changing market conditions and user behavior
  • Supports development of a more personal user experience
  • Enhanced possibilities for targeted marketing for corporate customers
  • Robust cloud service that scales easily to current needs

Big data and analytics give us huge potential to operate faster, predict future developments and produce better services for our customers.Pasi RuhanenSanoma

Solita’s role

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Continuous services


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