Take control of your Industrial security​

Understand your cybersecurity

Multi-supplier environment and solutions from different eras will make it complex to operate cybersecurity at scale. This can lead to scattered security processes and tools between IT and OT. Maturity and level of security controls might not be known to the organisation.

Creating security assessment for connected solutions​

Our kickstart is a cost-efficient and easy way to understand your current security landscape and start harmonising cybersecurity processes. This will support you to build robust enterprise architecture with resilience.

Building secured industrial solutions​

  • Identify risks and threats in your industrial domain​
  • Assess and secure your IT/OT ​
  • Evaluate current security hardening processes and tools​
  • Enable security finding integrations into cloud security posture management service​
  • Keeping connected devices secure​
  • Understand AWS well-architect framework and IoT Lens​
  • Enable data protection with robust controls

Our kickstart will give you security hardening recommendations and a proposed roadmap for future actions. Our approach is to look solution landscape from the first mile towards the digital solution.​ This is a great way to understand feedback cycles and how to communicate security processes in order to enable good decisions at scale with robust security.

Let’s get started!

Solita kickstart for Industrial security will provide you baseline that can easily be extended with our cybersecurity consulting services. We support you in how to integrate your industrial solution to SoC (Security operations center) and take actions to protect the edge by continuously monitoring device behaviour and audit device configurations. ​

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