Manage your fleet at scale


Keep fleet running efficiently

Devices are getting smarter each day and produce various data assets for building new digital services. In real life on field there are several different hardware variants, possible from multiple vendors and different eras. That will lead to complex system to handle and very often data is not connected between IT and OT systems.

Speeding up the edge computing for fleet

Our kickstart is a cost-efficient and easy way to start building powerful harmonized edge data capabilities using AWS services. AWS IoT Greengrass is software that extends cloud capabilities to local devices with OTA (Over-The-Air update). This will enable few key elements like optimize network bandwidth and data usage. Distributed computing makes it easy to execute edge and cloud data processing.

Building smart fleet solutions

  • Securely and easily add location data to applications
  • It’s complex to securely register, organize, monitor, and remotely
    manage fleet devices
  • Machine learning (ML) will come easily a bottleneck at scale
  • Disconnected IT/OT solutions causes problems to edge device
    configurations, remote diagnostics and Over-The-Air updates (OTA)
    using phased rollout
  • Implementing new business cases is difficult without controlling application

Fleet management will give you full control to devices and operations.

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Solita is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with machine learning and data & analytics consulting competencies.

AWS provides versatile services from data warehouse to machine learning and applications, enabling scalable, cost-effective and modern services and new digital business. Solita AWS certified professionals provide unique skills in the Nordics on developing complete services on the AWS infrastructure for connected factory floor solution.


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