Accelerate cloud data transformation ​

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Data silos and unpredicted costs preventing machine learning ​

Legacy system or on premise solutions are not scaling for new business use cases in an agile way. Data is locked to several different technology platforms and operating this complex system is overwhelming. Data costs are difficult to predict and control, and in many cases very resource intensive. Solita and AWS provide you an easy and effective kickstart to cloud data transformation.

Speeding up the cloud data transformation​

Our kickstart is a cost-efficient and easy way to start data transformation and building cloud native solutions. Our solution will enable machine learning (ML) capabilities for specific industry domain areas such as customer churn prediction. Kickstart is an easy and risk free service to experiment cloud native solutions and learn together with your team how to build future digital solutions.​

Building a new way of working 

Ignite a new company culture using data. Converge everything for digital transformation journey.

  • ​​1

    Data driven – you are mature enough to collect and analyse data

  • 2

    Optimize – data is used to fine tune your business

  • 3

    New customer services  – building new business utilizing data

Agile approach for migrating to AWS

On premise systems like Hadoop are complex, scaling is difficult and automatic platform upgrades takes a lot of effort. Machine learning capability is limited. Solita provides an agile vertical slicing approach for migrating to AWS. ​

AWS EMR is a platform for rapidly processing, analyzing, and applying machine learning to data.

We break the elephant using state of the art tools to generate understanding from current system automatically (metadata driven) and that will produce migration assessment. Infrastructure, deployment and validations are automated to have robust and predictable outcomes. One key driver is using current systems without any production impact while building a modern analytics platform on AWS. ​

Resilient data capability defines your future – let’s build it together.​


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Solita is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with machine learning and data & analytics consulting competencies.

AWS provides versatile services from data warehouse to machine learning and applications, enabling scalable, cost-effective and modern services and new digital business. Solita’s AWS certified professionals provide unique skills in the Nordics on developing complete services on the AWS infrastructure.

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