Software Developer – Functional programming

We are looking for experienced software developers to join our team in Tallinn. Solita has a history with great results in functional programming and especially projects with Clojure programming. Would you like to be part of our Clojure community? Join us now!

Clojure is a LISP implementation running on JVM. Come with us to take a deep dive on functional programming using Clojure. We expect, that you have programming experience, but the languages you have used do not matter! Functional programming requires changes in your programming mindset, but trust us, it’s worth for everyone! You will become a better programmer with functional mindset.

If you want to learn more about our Clojure development, visit our development blog dev.solita.fi

Modern tools, interesting and challenging projects and an outstanding work community

Our work-environment offers you freedom and responsibilities to take you in the direction you are most passionate. We use modern agile methodologies and modern technologies in our projects. You will have an influence on how Solita develops as a company and workplace. In particular, you will get to develop our new office in Tallinn and its culture. At Solita, you will learn new things, share your knowledge with others, and work in a variety of roles along your journey. We cherish the balance between work and free time in everyday life, and we respect every individual.

In Solita, you will be part of a team that is courageous and passionate, but at the same time easy-going. We foster a culture of experimentation and autonomy, and we are opposed to rigid corporative formalities. In addition to your future colleagues, modern tools and technologies, good support services and ergonomic working spaces will help you enjoy your work.

In addition, we appreciate the following characteristics:

  • You are a versatile full-stack developer, and in addition to back-end, you also master the latest front-end technologies
  • You are interested in cloud technologies. You have participated in projects using AWS or Azure cloud technologies, and you want to share your cloud skills with other people.
  • You want to automate everything. You’re interested not only in automating testing, but you are constantly looking for ways to automate delivery and production.

Come and contribute to the growth of Solita’s office in Tallinn!

Send us your application to jobs@solita.ee. Tell us why you would be the best software developer and what you’re most passionate about. Please attach your CV or your LinkedIn profile. You can also impress us with your code by sending us a link, for instance, to your GitHub profile.

For more information about our jobs and work in Tallinn, contact the Head of our Tallinn operations Märt Ridala +372-5134 833 / mart.ridala@solita.ee

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Share your dream with us

Career opportunities for talent with either ordinary and extraordinary backgrounds

We all have a dream. Share yours with us and join us in building a future you want to live in. At Solita, new culture, services and technologies are created by people with both ordinary and extraordinary backgrounds.

We are here to help you

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  • Career opportunities in Tallinn

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