Senior Java Developer to build our future Java community

Do you wish to challenge yourself with working in large, meaningful projects in a relaxed and professional atmosphere? Our growing tech consultants team in Tallinn is looking for a Senior Java Developer to join.

We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to build and nurture our future Java community in Tallinn. Our growing tech consultants team will embrace you with open arms, as one of the first people with this competence in our Estonian location.

In this key role, you will be able to build your role depending on your strengths and interests. In addition being a key player to build our future java community, you will have a chance to work hands-on in our large Nordic customer projects like Safer and cleaner seas via Sea Traffic Management. If you wish to take responsibility for an expert role participating in pre-sales work, architecture and building the team or community, this is the right role for you.

You will be supported and surrounded by our talented developers, data, integrations and designers community remote from other locations in the Nordics and Central Europe. To get to know other Senior Java Developer’ thoughts, read Arto’s, Tuomo’s and Jaakko’s latest writings: Put your Java on a diet with Java modules – Spring Boot 2 – Docker, Reduce boilerplate in Java backends with records, Simulating a pandemic with Elixir.

All we have is our people

Our highly skilled experts are working together to help our clients in all industries, while still maintaining a start-up like, relaxed atmosphere and great culture. We value low hierarchy, independence and responsibility, impactful work, high technical skills, and those friendly colleagues. From us, you will find a great work-life balance and intriguing projects. We live our values (caring, courage, passion and easy-going), cause all we eventually have is our people.

So at Solita, we embrace community over corporate. During the quarantine times, you will be virtually surrounded by our 15 seasoned software development, data and cloud professionals in Tallinn. We are currently working from our home offices but remain as an active community by sharing our experiences and best practices of working remotely.

Our expectations for you

To work as a senior developer at Solita, we expect you to have

  • multiple years of experience working with software projects, preferably in a senior or lead role in large software projects
  • exceptional coding skills and interests for further personal development
  • readiness to work in remote projects with English language skills. Estonian and/or Finnish are seen as a big plus
  • willingness to share your knowledge with others through virtual knowledge sharing or writing posts to our active developer’s blog
  • being familiar with the things in our Developer Manifesto and participate actively in the discussions about how we should develop our ways of working related to the changing world around us.

Interested to join us?

If you are a senior and have already seen a lot, join us to challenge yourself with the various challenges of the impactful projects we are working on. The application period will be closing the 30th of April or as soon as a suitable person has been found.

Märt (our Head of Estonia) will give you the answers if there’s anything you wish to know more before or after applying. You can contact Märt directly at +372 5134833 / mart.ridala@solita.ee. Our current interviews are held virtually so don’t be afraid to start discussions with us.

Solita is a digital transformation company driven by data and human insight. We have implemented hundreds of data-driven solutions for large-scale companies and organizations. Automatizing processes with the help of AI and Machine Learning, as well as helping companies create new data-based services are some of our core competences. We are almost 1000 highly skilled specialists in the fields of software development, data, cloud, and service design. www.solita.fi/

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We’re a community of diverse talent who embrace each others’ (im)perfections

We’re a community of diverse talent who embrace each others’ (im)perfections

If you have either a conventional or unconventional background in technology, strategy or design.

If you care about creating impact that lasts and doing what matters.

Welcome home.

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Autonomy & Professionalism

We combine a high-level of autonomy with a culture of caring. We believe that low hierarchies give room for everyone to own their expertise.

Our collective professionalism is built upon co-designed ways of working and leadership principles.

Autonomy 8.7
(Benchmark 8.4)

Autonomy, remote work 9.0
(7.9 Benchmark)

Caring 8.4
(No industry benchmark)

Management support 8.7
(Benchmark 8.3)

We speak up

Our customers appreciate us for speaking up and challenging them to ensure the quality of the end-result.

We exercise internal and external transparency through open dialogue and encourage everyone to do so.

Courage 8.2
(No industry benchmark)

Freedom of opinions 8.6
(8.1 Benchmark)

Passion 8.0
(No industry benchmark)

Experiment, fail & try again

Failure is an option – and a valuable teacher. With a growth mindset and design thinking, we learn, grow and succeed by doing instead of talking.

People join us to be a part of a diverse community of experienced professionals whom they can learn with.

Learning 8.0
(7.3 Benchmark)

Mentoring 8.7
(8.3 Benchmark)

Life and people first

For us, flexibility and freedom mean well-being and productivity.

We’re lucky to choose from ample options: freedom to choose when and where, flexible office space, remote work, family leave mentoring, professional or personal coaching etc.

Flexibility 9.3
(8.1 Benchmark)

Workload 8.3
(7.5 Benchmark)

We are humans, not machines

Some call it hygge, we call it an essential part of Nordic living.

The “big” little moments that matter: relaxed breaks with colleagues or customers, feeling at home and wearing woolly socks, playing a quick game to recharge etc.

Work environment 7.7
(7.5 Benchmark)

Atmosphere in our customer project 8.1
(No industry benchmark)

Easy-going 8.4
(No industry benchmark)