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We are a multi-talented design community formed by over 140 strategy consultants, designers and change bringers whose work is guided by an understanding of people and their behaviour. Are you an experienced service designer, a business designer or a management consultant with proof of solving difficult problems? Do you want to join the most experienced design community in Stockholm or Munich?

We believe that people do not need more services but an efficient daily life and better choices. You will look at service development through the lenses of both the customer and the business operations, seeking to make an impact. You will design new business operations, strategy and models together with our customer’s business operation, end customers and the Palmu team. You are in a key role, specifying the objectives of the business operations and the project, together with the customer.

You will participate in the design together with our multi-sectoral team. You understand the creation of customer value, develop operation through experiments and generate profitable new business operations. Read the thoughts and ideas on the design of services and on the changing world of our company and our customers. We do our work on-site at our domestic and international customers, as well as at our communal offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Tampere, and soon also in Oulu and Munich. Together, we will show the world how to design and build the services of tomorrow.

We are looking for people with the following competencies to join us: 

We value experience and capabilities on the following:

  • Combining the methods of human understanding with strategy work
  • Creating new service business in a digital context
  • Developing service business with a customer-driven focus and through design methods
  • Extensive experience with different kinds of organisations
  • Naturally speaking the same language with professionals of customer understanding, business operations and design

We expect experience and proof of multi-sectoral design projects.

Would you like to hear more?

  • Mail your CV/LinkedIn profile to us at, or use the button below for convenience
  • If you want further information about positions in design, please contact Johannes at , or call 040-577 0789
  • Read more about our thoughts and insights about the changing world around us and our customers from our Service Design blog 

We will arrange three rounds of interviews, and you can talk to at least six potential future colleagues before making your important decision.

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