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Open application to AI, data and analytics

We are a rapidly growing digital business company with strong emphasis on getting value out of data and building data ecosystems for our customers that include many of the biggest companies and organizations in Finland and Sweden. We are the market leader in Finland and are always  looking for candidates with a matching talent and Solita-like mindset.

Over 150 passionate AI, data and analytics colleagues

We have over 150 passionate people working in different AI, data, analytics roles in Finland, Sweden and Tallinn.We help our Nordic customers to enable and grow their business by developing new innovative services and capabilities that build on their data assets.  Your closest colleagues are working in data warehousing and data modelling, data science, machine learning , information management, integration, reporting, analysing, data visualising, master data, consulting and project management.

Our technology stack in data projects varies from project to project but you see us working with technologies such as R, Python, Java, Clojure, Ansible, SQL, Jedox, Tableau, Birst, IBM, Informatica, Snowflake, AWS, Azure ja Google Cloud. You don’t have to know all the technologies but we hope that you are willing to learn new ones.

The most important thing for us is that you share our values (easy-going, courage, caring, passionate), are willing to take your skills to the next level and are passionate about combining data and business. Read what your future colleagues have to say in the area AI, data and analytics from our blogs.

Now we are especially recruiting  Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Architects and Data Developers.

Challenging AI, data and analytics projects

  • We built The Ultimate Data Platform, which is based on artificial intelligence. The aim for the project was to create top-class artificial intelligence for predicting and anticipating customers’ needs. We enabled the transformation from separate data silos and analytics projects to a consistent data platform and offered tools for improving the customer experience and real-time support for business operations.
  • We created big data and analytics breed to Sanoma online service. The outcome in this project was to build a new big data and analytics solution for processing information coming from diverse data sources. Our solution collects, process and analyzes the data mass by making it available coherently in real time.
  • We implemented Vaasan’s new financial planning and reporting system.  This project encompassed several countries and various information systems. The new system has provided comprehensive visibility into Vaasan’s business, by making the organisation’s figures available to all of its units.

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